Mary L. Trump

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Mary L. Trump
Born 1964 (age 55–56)
Occupation Clinical psychologist
Known for Criticism of her uncle President Donald Trump

Mary L. Trump is an American psychologist, and a member of the promient Trump family.[1] She is the eldest child of Fred Trump Jr., and the eldest grand-daughter of Fred Trump Sr., the father of President Donald Trump.

Mary was about to publish a book criticizing her uncle Donald Trump, in July 2020.[2][3] In June 2020, her uncle hinted he might sue, to block publication. Her book's title was "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man."[4]

Early life

Her father, Fred Trump Jr., opted out of working in real estate, with his father and younger brothers, Donald and Robert. He became an airline pilot, and married Linda, a stewardess. Linda bore a baby brother, Fred Trump III, prior to divorce.

Her father died in 1981, when she and her younger brother were teenagers.

Acrimony over her grandfather's estate

Her wealthy grandfather, died in 1999, at 93 years old, after years of suffering from alzheimer's syndrome.[1] There are surviving notes from his lawyer, suggesting that he amend his last will, following the early death of her father. His will left $200,000 to each grandchild, but split most of his estate between his children. When her father died her grandfather's lawyer recommended that if he didn't leave a larger share of the estate to her and her brother than the grandchildren with surviving parents it would expose the will to future challenges.

She and her brother did contest the will, claiming, that when Fred Sr was still mentally competent, he had intended to split the bulk of his estate, equally, to his five children, and their descendants.[1]

Fred Sr had created a trust fund to pay the medical costs of his family.[1] Shortly after Fred Sr.'s death Mary's brother's wife bore a child with a rare neurological disorder, that inflicted him with seizures. It was a condition projected to impose huge on-going medical expenses on his parents. Donald Trump has acknowledged he advised Mary and her brother that their medical expenses would no longer be covered by the trust fund Fred Sr. set up as an act of retaliation for suing for a greater share of the estate.

A settlement was reached, under which Mary and Fred III agreed they would not receive a larger share of the inheritance, but would be re-instated in the family medical trust.[1] Donald Trump would describe this settlement as "amicable".

The New York Times won a Pullitzer Prize for an analysis they published of some of Donald Trump's tax returns.[1] Her book reveals she was the one who provided the documents.

Her own father, Fred Trump Jr., died in 1981. It was during the acrimonious legal disputes over her grandfather's estate that Mary acquired the tax documents she made available to The New York Times.[5]

The 2020 book

After her uncle and his associates became aware of the contents of her book sources within his office told reporters Trump was considering suing her.[6] [6]


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