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Martin Backes
Born 1977
Rosenheim, Germany
Nationality German
Occupation Artist
Creative Director
Sound Engineer
Organization Studio Martin Backes

Martin Backes is a Berlin-based artist, creative technologist, director, hacker and composer.[1]

Early Life and Education

Martin Backes was born in 1977 in Rosenheim, Germany, he worked as a brewer and maltster in  Werneck, Germany.

He studied Media Art & Design as well as Sound Studies at the University of Arts in Berlin.


During his career he has worked as a music producer, composer, sound engineer and a freelance sound designer for different organisations including Native Instruments GmbH.

He ran his first workshops as a designer and strategist on the topics of product and brand design around 2007.[2]

In his works, he often uses media technologies to reflect certain functionalities, effects, ideologies, and human perception, playing with the ambiguity between the physical world and the digital realm, reflecting the blurred boundaries between analog and digital, reality and simulation, stability and disruption, figure and abstraction.

He cross-border and experimental field of activity in the intermediate area of art, science, technology, and culture ranges from augmented reality (AR) and multimedia sound works to theatre dance pieces and installations, as well as sculptural and computer/video works.

His work has been shown at numerous international museums, galleries and theatres including Municipal Theatre Bielefeld (DE), Mediamatic Amsterdam (NL), MuseumsQuartier Wien (AT), MAK Design Lab (AT), International Spy Museum (US), Belgrade City Museum (RS), Mochvara Gallery (HR), NIU Art Museum Illinois (US), New Media Gallery (CA), Austrian Cultural Forum (DE) and TEDx (ES), been featured at festivals including Vienna Biennale (AT), CTM (DE), MÈQ (FRA), Nemo (FRA), Nuit Blanche Paris (FRA), Transmediale (DE), BIAN/Elektra (CA), Die Digitale (DE), B-Seite (DE), ADAF (GR) and EMAF (DE).[3]

WIRED, CreativeApplications.Net, The Creators Project, Create Digital Music, Gizmodo, Boing Boing, Business Insider, Engadget, Fast Company, Designboom, The Local, El Periódico and Süddeutsche have written about his work, as has Neural Magazine, Quotation Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, and the European Youth Trend Report.

Besides his experimental work, he is working as a creative director & technologist, audiovisual consultant, sound & media designer, design sprint facilitator, and lecturer.

He has over ten years of experience in consulting and designing for brands, mobile and website platforms, in-vehicle infotainment systems, music soft- and hardware, financial services, and museums.

Mark founded Studio Martin Backes, Berlin, Germany in 2006, he is the co-founder of Aconica, a design studio for audiovisual communication and founder of Design Sprints Studio, a product design, strategy and innovation consultancy based in Berlin. [4]


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