Markus Porvari

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Markus Porvari
Born Juha Markus Frederik Porvari
Espoo, Finland
Citizenship Finnish
Occupation Entrepreneur, inventor, and investor

Markus Porvari (born 1980) is a Finnish-born technology entrepreneur, inventor, and investor.[1][2] He is founder of HyperIn Inc. and serves as its chief executive officer and president.[3][4]

Early life and education

Porvari received Masters of Business Administration from Helia University of Business and Applied Sciences with business program from University of San Francisco.[5]


Porvari started his career with FSecure Corp, an information security company in 1999 where he served as a Technical Account Manager between June 1999 and June 2006.[6] In June 2006, he became Manager of Premium Support Services and served on this role till January 2007.[7]

He is also a seasoned speaker at industry events.[8][9]

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