Mark McShane

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Mark McShane
Born January 29, 1994 (1994-01-29) (age 30)
Paisley, Scotland
Occupation Entrepreneur
Years active 2011–present
Awards Rocco Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Mark McShane (born on 29 January 1994) is a Scottish entrepreneur[1] and an accredited gas engineer[2] based in Glasgow.[3] He has founded several multi-million-pound businesses, including Skills Training Group, Digital PR Campaign, Boiler Cover UK, and Solar Panel Installation.[4]

Early life and career

McShane was born on 29 January 1994[5] in Paisley,[6] Scotland.[4] At 18, he started his first company,[1] Skills Training Group, a leading national supplier in the UK of energy training courses for adults, contractors and businesses.[7] Within a year of starting his first enterprise, McShane was honored as a finalist for the Rocco Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.[8]

In 2023, McShane founded On-Site First Aid Training, an award-winning provider of in-house first aid courses, and Boiler Cover UK, a leading boiler cover comparison site in the UK, providing homeowners with the most cost-effective boiler cover solutions.[3] He also co-founded Digital PR Campaign, offering world-class digital public relations campaigns with guaranteed link placements.[9]

McShane has been featured in several press articles, including Mid-Day,[6] Solar Panel Installation,[10] London Love Business,[5] HVP Magazine,[11] Pro Builder Mag,[12] Construction Industry News,[13] Nectafy,[14] and Narrato.[15][16]

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