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Mark Glaze
Born October 21, 1970 [1]
Pueblo, Colorado[1]
Died November 6, 2021(2021-11-06) (aged 51)
Lackawanna County Prison, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Nationality USA
Other names Mark Charles Glaze
Occupation lobbyist
Known for the gun safety group he led started to eclipse the powerful National Rifle Association

Mark Glaze was an American lobbyist, who spent his last ten years working for gun control.[2][3][4][5] He played key roles in Mayors for Gun Safety and its successor Everytown for Gun Safety, from 2011 until his death in 2021. Glaze is reported to have taken his own life, when in jail, on driving while intoxicated charges.[1]

In June 2013, actress Shannon Richardson, tried to assassinate Glaze with a letter tainted with deadly ricin.[6]

Early life

Glaze grew up in Colorado, where his father, an NRA member, and gunshop owner, taught him to hunt.[7][8]

Glaze was a Truman Scholar, and graduated with a degree in Political Economy, in 1992.[8] He earned a law degree from George Washington University Law School in 1996.[8]

Gun control lobbying

On December 21, 2012, Glaze was quoted calling the FBI's records of gun-ownership as being like swiss cheese, because gun owners had to volunteer in order for their guns to be listed.[9] The New York Times picked his comment to be its quote of the day.[10]

In January, 2013, The New York Times quoted Glaze in the context of both sides on the gun-control debate using gun-related metaphors, like "no silver bullet", "on-target", "gun to the head".[11] He acknowledged his side of the debate used these metaphors, and he had quit worrying about them.

In April, 2013, The New York Times quoted Glaze in an article about conflict between the NRA, and a newer and more extreme gun advocacy group, the Gun Owners of America.[12] Glaze encouraged readers to regard the NRA as a political party.

On September 10, 2013, Politico quoted Glaze in advance of a vote over whether to recall two Colorado politicians over gun control issues.[13][14]

“That created a chilling effect that’s been in place for two decades, What we’re seeing is a thaw. Mayor Bloomberg and thousands of other people around the country contributed money, sweat and tears getting bills passed, limiting the scope of this recall effort, that in fact will encourage more people to do the right thing over time. But it’s going to take time.”[13]

Later in September, 2013, The New York Times quoted Glaze in an article about the debate as to whether school shootings would be less dangerous if teachers carried guns.[15] Glaze argued against arming teachers, saying they would be untrained, or poorly trained, and it was more important to keep more guns away from active shooters.

On December 15, 2013, the New York Times magazine referred to Glaze, by name, when it criticized gun control adherents for failing to counter recent NRA initiates to expand the locations gun owners are allowed to carry guns.[14]

Personal life

Glaze, a father of one, was a gay man.[2]

After his death friends and family said that, during his gun control campaigning he had experienced anxiety and sought relief in substance use.[7] They said he had sought help with these issues.


After the Sandy Hook massacre the Wall Street Journal called Glaze "the face of the gun control movement".[7]


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