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Marissa Faireborn is a female human from the Transformers franchise, usually depicted as an ally of the Autobots and a member of the Earth Defense Command. She is the daughter of G.I. Joe characters Flint and Lady Jaye.


Generation 1

Animated series

Marissa made her debut in The Transformers season three, where she appeared in part three of the premier five-parter "Five Faces of Darkness." She was subsequently abducted by a Quintesson scientist-who tricked her with an illusion of her father-alongside Ultra Magnus, Cyclonus, and Wreck-Gar. After several confrontations between them, their captor, and the Allicon guard aboard his ship, they were forced to work together to escape from a negative universe on the other side of a black hole. Fortunately they succeeded and were then rescued by the arriving Autobot and Decepticon forces; Marissa was then taken home, though not without Ultra Magnus' comments on the distance between them and their galactic neighbors. She subsequently teamed up with the Technobots to apprehend weapons dealer Dirk Manus, only to be forced to work with him to keep a powerful weapon out of the Quintessons' tentacles.

Marissa would make her final appearance in "The Burden Hardest to Bear;" her role as the Autobots' human support would revert to the Witwicky family in both the American finale and Transformers: The Headmasters.