Marionette (Micronauts)

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Princess Mari
Micronauts character
Marionette art
First appearance

Micronauts 1, January 1979 by Marvel Comics
Created by

Marvel Comics
Species Homeworlder
Gender Female
Occupation Princess, revolutionary, adventurer
Title Princess
Relatives Argon (brother)

Marionette is a fictional character from the Micronauts comic book series by Marvel Comics.


Marionette, also called Princess Mari, is a character from the Marvel Comics Micronauts series. She is not based on any Micronauts toy, although she sometimes wears the same jet pack as Space Glider. She commonly carries gun or sword weapons. She often uses a flight pack like Space Glider. On the Endeavor has taken a position at the to Thorium Gun during battle.

Princess Mari is often seen as inspired by Princess Leia from Star Wars.[1]


1979 Marvel Comics

Princess Mari of Homeworld, also called Marionette, is an original character created by Marvel Comics for their Micronauts series. She is the sister of Force Commander, the lover of Space Glider, and her servant roboid is Microtron.

When Marvel lost the license to Micronauts they retained the rights to Marionette, and she has continued to appear in the Marvel Universe as a member of the Microns.


Freedom Force

There is a fan-made mesh and skin for Marionette in the 2002 Freedom Force video game.[2]



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