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Manuel Angel Almaguer is a renowned entrepreneur, recognized for his exceptional contributions to the technology and media industry in Asia. As the Founder, President, and CEO of Taiwan Media Music Group [1], he has made significant strides in various capacities, establishing himself as a composer, producer, developer, and entrepreneur.

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Born March 6, 2003
Nationality Mexican
Occupation Entrepreneur, Founder, Composer
Years active 2020 - Present
Title CEO of Taiwan Media Music Group

Early Life and Education

Manuel Angel Almaguer's passion for business and technology began early in his life. He pursued a solid educational foundation in various fields, which has played a crucial role in his success as an entrepreneur. Throughout his academic journey, he prioritized gaining specialized knowledge in key areas relevant to the business and technology domains.

Manuel Angel obtained numerous certifications and specializations, particularly in the areas of business intelligence and analytics, stock trading, business cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence for marketing, among others. These achievements have positioned him as an expert in these fields, showcasing his profound knowledge and expertise.

Entrepreneurial Career

Manuel Angel Almaguer's entrepreneurial career has been marked by notable achievements and a profound impact on the technology and media industry in Asia. Over the years, he has founded and led several innovative companies that have gained recognition and success within their respective sectors. [2]

In 2020, Manuel Angel established Tactacめ, a parent company that has evolved into a prominent group of companies with a significant presence in Asia. This group includes Tactac Telecommunications, Tactac FM, Tactac TV, Xenius, and Vaxcore Technologies.[3]

Tactac Telecommunications offers telephony and web hosting services catering to both businesses and individuals. Distinguishing itself through tailored plans and specialized support for the business sector and smaller projects, the company has gained prominence in the industry.

Tactac FM, a radio station chain based in Akishima, Tokyo, has emerged as one of the most popular radio stations in the city, maintaining a stable audience of 100 thousand listeners per month. Expanding its reach to South Korea and Indonesia in 2021, Tactac FM has consolidated its presence in the broadcasting market.

Complementing Tactac FM, Tactac TV is a Tokyo-based television channel that offers diverse and captivating content for viewers, enriching the media landscape.

Xenius, initially a web hosting company prototype, was later integrated into Tactac Telecommunications. This integration strengthened the service offerings and digital capabilities, allowing Tactac to meet the evolving needs of its customers effectively.

Vaxcore Technologies, another notable venture, focuses on the development of Linux-based operating systems. These systems prioritize cybersecurity for all types of computers while ensuring optimal performance and efficient resource utilization, especially in low-resource devices. Vaxcore's flagship product, the Vaxcore OS operating system, has gained recognition for its emphasis on security and performance.

Collaborations with International Artists

In addition to his remarkable business career, Manuel Angel Almaguer has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned international artists and musical groups from various countries. Leveraging his talent and experience in the music field, he has formed fruitful partnerships with artists from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Spain, and Japan. [4]

Throughout his collaborations with international artists, Manuel Angel has had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of talents, including Inner My Self, Love Cherry, PYT, and many other exceptional artists and musical groups. These collaborations have resulted in innovative and captivating musical productions that have resonated on the global stage.

With a multicultural perspective and an unwavering passion for musical diversity, Manuel Angel has successfully merged various musical styles and genres, creating a unique and enthralling artistic proposition. His ability to connect with artists from different countries and cultures has enriched his career and fostered exciting opportunities for the exchange and realization of ideas in the realm of music.

Famous phrase

El amanecer nos brinda oportunidades bravías. Brotan matices de sabiduría en cada aurora, que, en su esplendor, nos enseñan la historia.
Manuel Angel Almaguer

Personal Life

Outside of his professional endeavors, Manuel Angel Almaguer leads a balanced life, prioritizing his family and personal well-being. He enjoys exploring diverse cultures, discovering new music, and engaging in outdoor activities.