ManguJyoti Films

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ManguJyoti Films
Trading name Mangu Kumar Sahoo
Type ManguJyoti
Traded as Mangu Kumar Sahoo
Industry ManguJyoti Films
Genre Films industry
Key people Mangu Kumar Sahoo Jyotika S Baliarsingh
References: ManguJyoti Films is an Indian Visual Effects, Production and Distribution Company Established

ManguJyoti Films is an Indian visual effects, production and distribution company established he's Mangu Kumar Sahoo and his wife Jyotika S Baliarsingh in (2023) It was transformed from the defunct ManguJyoti

A large clock tower and other buildings line a great river.
Mangu Kumar Sahoo is an Indian Cinematographer, who has worked in ManguJyoti Films - Cinematic & Filmmaker, Musical artist, & Blogger