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Major Benedict is a human villain from the GoBots franchise, specifically the Challenge of the GoBots animated series and it's Facebook-based second season.


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Major Benedict

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In "The Guardian Smashers", Major Benedict was one of several criminals and former adversaries of the Guardians who was freed from prison by Trident and formed into the titular criminal organization of the episode. Equipped with a Lightning Suit developed by Professor Frost, Major Benedict led the attack on a dig site where the legendary Horn of Gabriel had been unearthed, and despite Guardian interference he and his colleagues managed to steal it and use it to force the Guardians off the planet. However, the Guardian Auxiliary League, a group of the Guardians' human allies, formed to counter them, with Dr. Aeolis using his technology to neutralize Frost's innovations. Thus left with only his natural strength and skill, Benedict was handily defeated by his former superior, General Newcastle.