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Mahroos Siddiquee Nadim Ponishare-verified.png
picture of Mahroos Siddiquee Nadim
this is Mahroos Siddiquee Nadim
Native name neymar
Born December 25, 2001 (2001-12-25) (age 21)
kabi shek sadi sarani road,Pujali, Budge Budge, kolkata-700138
Died present
not decided
Nationality Indian
Occupation Professional football player (Athlete) in India
Years active 2015 to present.
Known for National football player (Athlete).
Height 5'10

Early LIfe

Mahroos Siddiquee Nadim (bengali:মাহারুস সিদদিকী নাদিম) (born 25 December 2001) poularly known as Nadim is a professional football player who primarily play as a central midfielder. Nadim most recently played for Punjab Minerva Acadamy(camper),Punjab,(Mohali Chandigarh). His father name is Shahjahan mollick, mother name is Meherun nesha begum, nadim have a little sister her name is Nigar Nazneen


12th pass


A product of Mohunbagan Athletic club(youth team under-15to17) Nadim started his career playing as a midfielder. Nadim’s career started with Mohunbagan Athletic club youth team (2014-2017)

After he joined (2018) Albert sporting club (2019-2020) he play pune youth league 2021-2022 play Guwahati league (North-East).

2018 he is a trialist from Pune city fc (under 17

Indian Super league Academy)

2021 invited player from fc Struga (Macedonia) senior team

2021 selected player from Sheffield United fc ( United Kingdom) English premier league under 21 Acadamy .


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