Mahmoud "TheRealMood" Shehada

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Mahmoud "TheRealMood" Shehada
Born March 06, 1992
Other names Mood
Education Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics
Alma mater York University in Toronto
Occupation Entrepreneur
Organization Divine Intervention Entertainment

Mahmoud "TheRealMood" Shehada (born Mahmoud M. Radi Shehada; March 6, 1992) is a Palestinian-Canadian entrepreneur and artist. He is the founder of Divine Intervention Entertainment and prominently known for his expertise in the UAE real estate market.

Personal Life

TheRealMood was born in Dubai in the UAE and then immigrated to Canada at the age of three in 1995. He is of Muslim descent. He graduated from York University in Toronto, Ontario in Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics. He later went on to get his Executive Education Degree from Harvard University in Private Equity and Venture Capital.[1]


After graduating in 2014, TheRealMood moved back to the UAE looking to startup a platform. He managed to raise $2 Million to setup “The Inner Circle”, a concept which was inspired by the “Startup Revolution” phenomenon which began occurring in Dubai.[2] [3]

Inspired by his first startup, He founded “Ascalonia Holding Limited” as a privately held family office and private equity group in 2014. It was used to manage and institutionalize his family's assets.[4] As a holding company, Ascalonia Holding now owns five companies in various sectors, including real estate, marketing & advertising, financial services and e-commerce. [5]

Having a passion for gaming, music and content production at an early age, TheRealMood launched “Divine Intervention Entertainment” in 2015 as a platform to manage and promote talented individuals. The company managed to become a fast-developing influencer management, event management and e-sports company and currently provides digital marketing and e-sports to both regional and Fortune 500 companies.[6] [7]

TheRealMood co-founded “Mood Properties” in 2016, as a premium real estate agency that concentrates on leasing and sales in the UAE secondary and off-plan markets[8] After developing a strong footprint in the UAE real estate market, TheRealMood also co-founded “Trigono Developments”, a real estate developer acquiring a sizeable land bank and initiating a fully funded mid-rise residential development complex. Trigono’s latest project is located in Majan Dubailand called The 50 which has 60 residential apartments.[9] [10] [11]


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