Maeurn Smiles

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Maeurn Smiles

Socialite,Media personality,Philippines Model
Born June 18, 2000 (2000-06-18) (age 23)
Guihulngan, Negros oriental
Nationality Filipinos.
Other names Maeurn Smiles
Citizenship Filipinos.
  • Socialite
  • Model
Years active 2022–present
Notable works Socialite , Media personality,
Model , businesswoman,
Height 5'2"

Maeurn Smiles

Early Life

Maeurn Smiles[1]was born June 11, 2000, to Her father, a construction driver and her mother a maid who cleaned houses for a living. She was raised in a less fortunate neighborhood in the province of Cebu in the Philippines. Maeurn[2] who has two younger siblings, was obliged to care for them while her parents worked. Maeurn always aspired to change the quality of her life around and help lift her family out of poverty.


With English being her second language, Maeurn [3][4][2][2][1] mastered the language and became an ESL teacher at the age of 18. She had the hourly salary of one dollar which could not make her ends meet. Maeurn had a determination to escape the life her and family were living so she knew it was time to explore other opportunities.

Maeurn now a successful entrepreneur, model[3][4][2][2][1]and real estate investor was able to purchase her own home and already purchased a parcel of property which she plans to build out and continue to strengthen her love for real estate investing.

Personal life


started gaining media attention in 2019 when she discovered the success of the other models on Onlyfans and decided to launch her own channel. Maeurn now makes a boosting five figure monthly salary where she now supports a luxury lifestyle for her, her parents, and siblings.

She continues to grow her social media presence where she now has well over one million followers on Instagram[1] and a steady growing fanbase on her Onlyfans channel.


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