MS 219 F.U.M.I.N.A

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"Your cowardice is what ruined this world. Me and Clarry will take our little re-constructer back, and you will never take her from us"

MS 219 F.U.M.I.N.A is an upcoming American science fiction mecha teen drama thriller fanfiction based on the Gundam' franchise that will released on Wattpad in 2019. It was created by me, Tomicamaker1234. The plot follows an angst-ridden 15 year-old girl named Melissa Newmann, who defends herself from Nadine Smith, her longtime tormentor, using a mobile suit called the Fumina. The plot and overall tone was inspired by Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Gundam 0080: The 08th MS Team, 0083: Stardust Memory and particularly Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, with the Fumina's upgraded form and the story's dark nature.


MS 219 F.U.M.I.N.A, set in America, begins in Boston New High School, with Melissa Newmann, a young teenager, fleeing from another girl, Nadine Smith, who seems to take great pleasure in tormenting her. During her escape, Melissa then discovers a prototype mobile suit, the Fumina. Nadine, piloting another mobile suit, the Gyanko, attacks Melissa, who, using the Fumina, manages to repel her with some difficulty. Af