MD Salman Bappee

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MD Salman Bappee

MD Salman Bappee Ponishare-verified.png
Native name MD Salman Bappee
Born 1 July 2005 (2005-07-01) (age 18)
Residence Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Bepza public school & college
Years active 2022- present
Known for Entrepreneur and Musical Artist.
Home town Gazipur,Bangladesh
Height 5.8"


MD Salman Bappee is a Youngest Musician, Entrepreneur and Digital Creator Of Bangladesh. He has already verified as (OAC) YouTube official artist channel and largest music platform on Spotify. He is also an Entrepreneur, Digital creator, YouTuber, Author, Freelancer and the founder of S.B creation .

Personal Life & Career

His original name is MD Salman but he is known as MD Salman Bappee on all platforms. MD Salman Bappee Bron in Latifpur,Gazipur,Dhaka,Bangladesh on 03 July 2005. His education Bepza public school & college.

He learned the various parts in music-related and he was introduced to the music industry to launch his first soundtrack Hearts at Ascent: Passion Peaks in Alpine Harmony,Altitude Serenade: Celestial Embrace on Whispering Slopes,Ethereal Peaks: Love's Echo in Mountain Silence,Crestfallen Love: Summit Whispers and Echoing Affection,Avalanche of Emotion: Peaks Entwined in Amorous Altitude etc on Spotify and other Music platform. After some days he releases his soundtrack on different music platforms like Soundcloud, Apple Music, Amazon Music, JioSaavan, Deezer and many others.

He is a reputed and successful Entrepreneur and Digital creator Facebook and YouTube. He started S.B Creation a startup company in 2023, S.B creation with new entrepreneurs in various development and services, which is now gaining popularity among people and working with many entrepreneurs in the country and abroad.

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