MD Nurul Karim Akram

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MD Nurul Karim Akram Ponishare-verified.png NKakram.jpg
Born 1993/12/15
Residence Dhaka
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Darul Uloom Mohiussunnah Nurpur, Jamia Rahmania Arabia in Mohammadpur, Asian University of Bangladesh
Known for The most influential student leader of Bangladesh, Writer, artist, calligrapher, Islamic Scholar
Home town Feni


MD Nurul Karim Akram. The most influential student leader of Bangladesh. He is the president of Islami Chhatra Andolan Bangladesh. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] The Bengali Muslim student community considers Akram as a role model for themselves. One of the personalities that the students of this country are deeply interested in, he is the one who occupies the top spot. He born on 15 December 1993 in an aristocratic Muslim family in GMhat Union, Fulgazi, Feni district. He is the youngest of two brothers and two sisters.

Early Life

As a child of a pious family, he spent his childhood in a completely religious environment. When he passed his childhood he was admitted in the government primary school of his village. After studying there for only two years, he completed his primary education at the famous Madrasa 'Darul Uloom Mohiussunnah Nurpur' in his area. Then holy in the same institution he Completed memorization of the Qur'an.


After completing Hifz, he was admitted to the 'Kitab' Department in order to understand the meaning of the Qur'an. After studying there successfully for several years, he was admitted to Jamia Rahmania Arabia in Mohammadpur. From Jamia Karimia,Ramoura he completed Takmil ( Daura Hadith).

After completing Daora Hadith to satisfy his thirst for knowledge and to devote himself to study for a longer period of time. He was admitted to the Asian University of Bangladesh. He is still studying there. He has a special interest in literature since childhood. He can easily portray the reality of society in his writings. As his writings paint a picture of society, so do protests against misrule and injustice.


He was the Divisional Editor of the monthly Bikiron published from Feni and also the Literary Editor of the monthly Narikantha in Dhaka. Since then, he has been the Executive Editor and Editor-in-Chief of the Monthly Naqib. Besides, he is also the executive face of Chhatra Samachar, the regular spokesman of Islami Chhatra Andolan Bangladesh. And while studying at Jamia Rahmania, he was the artist of the institutions magazine.

He has also garnered a lot of praise as a young entrepreneur. He has created a large number of young entrepreneurs to alleviate the problems of poverty and unemployment in the country and is taking them forward through regular care. He thinks that if Bangladesh wants, "it can play a leading role in the fourth industrial revolution". So he set up "Genius IT" firm in 2016 (co-founder) to build skilled manpower in IT.


The role of Nurul Karim Akram in removing unjust inconsistencies in the society has caught everyone's attention . He joined the country's traditional and promising student organization Islami Chhatra Andolan Bangladesh in 2004 in the hope of building a happy and prosperous state. After performing various duties at the grassroots level, he has been performing various duties at the central committee since 2015 and is now successfully performing his duties as the central president.

He is an elegant personality. In each of his works a clear impression of aesthetics, sense of art, thoughtfulness, realism and ideals is observed. He is unique in his speech and mannerisms. He has a magical ability to attract people's attention in a short time.

He is now a name of Bangladesh in climbing the ladder of success. Thousands of students of the country are following him in leading their own lives.

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