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Lucky Me is a 46 meter luxury yacht, built in 2016.[1] She was built by Baglietto S.p.A. and her gross tonnage is 438 tonnes. Her top speed is 26 knots. She can accommodate eleven guests.

As of 2024 she is for sale with an asking price of 19 million euros.[1]

The Lucky Me, and another yacht, My Legacy, became the focus of controversy in December 2023, when the U.S. Congress was debating whether to continue giving financial aid to Ukraine to continue its resistance to its Russian invaders.[2] A website called D.C. Weekly, started by an American expatriate named John Mark Dougan, made the false claim that that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky used $75 million in US aid money to purchase the two yachts. Other commentators pointed out that yachts had not been sold, and were still listed as for sale.[3]

Congressional Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Senator Tom Tillis took the false claims at face value, and repeated them, during the Congressional debate, citing the false claims that US funding was being mis-used to justify cutting off that aid.[2]


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