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Lucky 6 is a betting game by Meridianbet D.O.O. in which a random number generator (RNG) is used to select the course of the game. [1]

Rules of the game

The round of the game lasts about 5 minutes, and consists of announcement of the game, counting down, visual appearance of coefficient and generating numbers. The outcomes of the betting game are statistically independent, random and unpredictable numbers generated by RNG. The betting game offers 48 numbers, and a random 35 is drawn in one round. From 6 to 10 numbers in the range from 1 to 48 are selected. If among the 35 randomly generated numbers there are 6 selected ones, a profit equal to the sum of the payment and the coefficient indicated with the last predicted number is won. It is possible to automatically select 6 numbers, ie. random combination of 6 numbers.

Game Features

The Next option includes betting 2 to 12 rounds in advance, the combination that is formed is repeated as many times as it is requested by player. It allows more winning combinations to be played on the ticket, at least one combination needs to be guessed in order to make a win. In system betting, more than 6 numbers can be selected, ie. 7,8, 9 or 10 numbers, form predefined systems. It is possible to choose a maximum of 10 numbers from which 6 are to guess, the maximum number of combinations per draw is 210.

Bonus options

Lucky 6 has two bonus fields, if the series ends on them, a bonus is added, and bonus fields are determined before each draw. If the last sixth number appears on one of the two selected fields, the right to the bonus is won.

Special types of betting

In the color of the first number bet, the color of the first generated number can be guessed.

In betting, the first number it is guessed whether the first generated number in the round on the ball will be higher or lower than the limits.

In the sum of the first 5 numbers betting, it is guessed whether the sum of the first 5 generated numbers in the round will be lower or higher than the limits.

In the first number even / odd bet, it is guessed whether the first number generated in the round will be even or odd.

In betting more even / odd in the first 5 it is assumed if there will be more even or odd numbers in the first 5 numbers.

In the number drawn in the first 5 betting, it can be guessed whether the selected number will be among the first 5 generated numbers of that round.

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