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Lotus Sporting Club Ponishare-verified.png

Mullapara Lotus Sporting Club Ponishare-verified.png
Founded 10 December 2015
Headquarters Mullapara,Jamalpur
Services Lotus Sporting Club is a non-political social welfare organization engaged in the service of self-humanity.
Website LotusSportingClub.com

Jamalpur district is one of the 64 districts of Bangladesh. A small village named Mullapara is located in Ward No. 9 of Mullapara. of Jamalpur Upazila under this Jamalpur District. In that village there is a non-political social welfare organization called "Lotus Sporting Club" This Mullapara Lotus Sporting Club & Library was established on 10 December 2015 and named as "Lotus Sporting Club" centered on the Adarsh people of Mullapara village. Yes. People from all walks of life of Mullapara village are associated with this organization. The organization is working for the welfare of people along with sports for the last 7 years. The smile on the face of the helpless brings joy to the hearts of all its members.

Mullapara Lotus Sporting Club has always participated in social and humanitarian work which has played an immense role. The Mullapara Lotus Sporting Club sometimes distributes food grains to the poor, sometimes distributes winter clothes to the cold, distributes Iftar materials on the occasion of Ramadan, distributes Eid packages on the occasion of Eid, and selflessly donates blood for free for almost 7 Years lotus sporting Club and Library has gained a place in the hearts of people from all sections of the society through strict campaigns against evictions and child marriages.

All the professional people of Mullapara village think that the initiatives of Lotus Sporting Club are completely logical to transform their village into Mullapara Adarsh village. The people of Mullapara village expressed hope that if this organization continues their activities then Mullapara village will be transformed into Mullapara smart village very soon.

Lotus Sporting Club and Library is a non-political social welfare organization engaged in the service of self-humanity.

đź’ Aims and Objectives of Lotus Sporting Club and Libraryđź’ 

  • Eid Festival Distributing Eid packages among the helpless poor on the eve of Eid.
  • Distributing Iftar items and organizing Iftar rugs among the helpless poor during the month of Ramadan.
  • Famine, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, epidemics, lack of rain, heavy rains, all kinds of natural disasters in the country. Proceeding with relief materials, distribution of winter clothes to the poor, and the victims, and donation to Tahbal Intelligence and Conservation.
  • Helping or encouraging the poor, helpless talented students of the area to continue reading and writing and distributing free books.
  • Motivating and organizing the students for the maximum development of their talent and creativity and providing scholarships to meritorious students.
  • To develop social conscious citizens by creating social responsibility among everyone in the society.
  • Arranging all kinds of sports in the area, participation and training of talented players. To arrange participation in district, divisional and national level in competitive sports.
  • To assist the administration in building a drug free zone.
  • To provide recreation, public awareness and treatment and to encourage employment of drug addicts, gamblers, scoundrels and criminals in the area with a view to bringing them back to a healthy life.
  • Encouraging people in any service work and assisting people in service work and playing an important role in various fields including education, culture, health development, poverty alleviation.
  • Afforestation and tree planting by nursery.
  • To encourage education by providing scholarships to poor students.
  • To protest all kinds of injustice.
  • Taking anti-dowry action.