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Picture of Liliam Montilla
Native name Liliam Montilla
Born May 28
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Nationality American, Dominican
Citizenship USA
  • The Aided High School (2013-2019)
  • Sylhet Polytechnic Institute (2019-2023)
Occupation Entrepreneur, Business-Woman
Known for Business

Liliam Montilla is a Dominican-American businesswoman, host, performer and entrepreneur. Also known as “LILIAM”. She was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and came to the United States as a young girl and was raised in New York City, she went on to graduate from Nazareth University with a B.F.A in Acting and led as Student-Body President. Liliam went on to study finance and obtained multiple financial licenses and worked for a Wall Street Competing Firm to service businesses and nonprofits in her community, she later left the firm and went on her own pursuit. In her entrepreneurial endeavors, she went on to help run and manage companies in the construction sector and serve as a board member in a variety of nonprofits.


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