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Leon Helg Blue badge.png
Native name Leon Helg
Born 15 November 1999 (1999-11-15) (age 23)
Residence Swiss
Nationality Swiss
Education IT College
Years active 2023- present
Known for tech-oriented entrepreneur.


Leon Helg is a tech-oriented entrepreneur based in Switzerland. Over the years he has built several multi-million dollar startups in the fields of augmented reality, decentralized finance and e-commerce.


After his study about computer science and economics at the IT College in Frauenfeld, he worked as an iOS Software Engineer for the full-service agency Wunderman Thompson in Zurich. There he mainly worked on two projects. The first is an Event App for ultra-high net-worth clients of the Swiss bank UBS. The second one is an Augmented Reality application for Red Bull. For his graduation work "An Augmented Reality Framework for iOS" he received a certificate of recognition.

Ready for a new challenge, Helg founded his first startup and created an innovative product that helped hundreds of local businesses increase their google ratings and rank better on google.

After some ventures in e-commerce, Helg set ground in the space of decentralized finance with Grizzly.fi. The innovative "Community Fairlaunch" mechanism went on to being the most successful on-chain launch on the BNB chain, raising over 26 million USD in just three days. Being a Co-Founder of a startup valued at 200 million dollars, led him to also develop other projects, such as the DeFi Franc, the most successful stablecoin pegged to the Swiss Franc.

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