Leanne Freeman

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Leanne Freeman
Born 1988
Died 2011-11-29
Nationality Canada
Occupation sex trade worker
Known for murdered in Toronto's Portland

On November 29, 2011, Leanne Freeman, a 23 year old woman, was found on Unwin Avenue, mortally wounded with a gun shot wound to her head.[1][2][3] Freeman was found at 1am. When she was taken to St Michael's Hospital she was believed to be a victim of a hit and run accident.[4]

Police investigation

Initially police said they could neither confirm or refute whether her death was related to her work in the sex trade.[3] By December 9, 2011, police spokesmen were willing to go on record with the opinion that her killing "was not random".[5][6][7]

On December 3, 2011, an Ontario Provincial Police spokesman said they were looking into similiarities between Freeman's murder and that of Kyla Freeland.[4] 20 year old Freeland who had been murdered in January 2011, not only had a similar name, but had brown hair like Freeman, dimples, and had quit working as an escort just a month prior to her death. According to the Toronto Star Canadian Police were sensitive to the criticism that they didn't work with Police in other jurisdictions following the BC Missing Women Investigation where almost 50 murders of sex trade workers were the responsibility of Robert Pickton known to Police in Vancouver and neighbouring municipalities, who failed to share their notes.

Police said that Freeman was "living a transient's lifestyle".[5][8][9] On December 9, 2011, her belongings were found in a dumpster on Kingston Road, near Midland Avenue, about a 20 minute drive from where her body was found. Police believe her killer disposed of her belongings shortly after the murder. They believe Freeman was not working the night of her killing and that she knew her murderer.

Freeman had been charged with drug possession in the summer of 2011, when she was living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.[5] But she had never been convicted of a crime.

On December 17, 2011, two Toronto men were arrested and charged with her murder.[8][10][11] 31 year old Robert Beauregard was arrested on December 17 and charged with first degree murder. 23 year old Jonathan Ash had been arrested on December 16, charged with accessory to murder. Ash's charges were upgraded to first degree murder in August 2012.[12][13]

Freeman's murder was the 42nd in Toronto in 2011.[11]

Life on the streets

According to an aunt Leanne and her siblings had been under the care of child protection agencies due to her mother's inability to properly care for them.[14] Her mother died from a drug overdose in 2009.

According to those who knew her Freeman had been living on the streets for three years prior to her death.[8] She was addicted to crystal meth according to one of her brothers.[7]

The Toronto Star helped set up a trust fund, after many readers expressed sympathy for Freeman's family, who were unable to pay for her funeral.[7] Her ashes were buried next to her mother's remains in Winnipeg, in a double funeral. On January 8, 2012, an engraved 360 kg granite stone was placed at 450 Unwin Avenue, near where her body had been found.[15][16]


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