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Born October 4, 1977
Korea (Incheon)
Nationality Korea
Education Gyeongbuk Junior College / Department of Business Administration

LEE KI SUNG (이기성) was born in October 4, 1977 on Korea (Incheon).


2020 ~ present

- Selected as a person to lead the next generation of blockchain - Opened the world's first API exchange - Established a DEX site in collaboration with the world’s largest exchange, Binance Exchange

2018. 02 ~

Representative of Joyful People Co., Ltd.

- Social Capital' [Fostering social enterprises and providing social services]

- Magazine for apartments

- Support for the underprivileged

- Direct Transaction Mall (Operated by Happy People)

- Apartment exclusive magazine (published by Baum, distributed)

2015. 12 ~ 2018. 01

Moa Corporation Metropolitan Area Marketing Department Manager (Senior Researcher)

- Proposal and planning to build a closed mall

- Business alliance with closed mall suppliers and product sourcing [MD]

- Supplier management and supplier price management

- Member management / customer management

- Sales management/sales planning/business alliance

2011. 02 ~ 2015. 06

Yeouido LNS Savings Insurance Sales

Corporate Finance Lecture


1. Awarded the Excellence Award in Sales Performance at the KDB Life Awards [Trophy and prize money]

2. KDB Life Insurance Business Performance Overseas Travel Award 5 times

2008. 02 ~ 2011. 02

1. Apgujeong Prima Hotel / Apgujeong Yeongdong Hotel / Former) CJ Headquarters basement

Room club investment and operation

2003. 01 ~ 2010. 08

Brand car operation

Used sales of domestic and imported cars domestic car export imported car import

Site planning and operation