Kuwaarjeet Chopraa

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Kuwaarjeet Chopraa
Kuwaarjeet Pransh Chopra
Native name कुंवरजीत चोपड़ा
Born 26 July 1990 (1990-07-26) (age 33)
New Delhi, India
Residence New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Other names Kuwaarjeet Pransh Chopra
Education Bachelor of Technology
Alma mater Loyola College
Occupation Actor
Height 183 cm
Weight 78 Kilograms
Religion Hinduism
  • Pawan Chopra
  • Rathika Chopra

Kuwaarjeet Chopraa (Born: Pransh Chopra) is a young Bollywood actor with a passion for life.[1] Apart from his acting skills, he has been blessed with charming looks of an Indian film hero and a tough, well-built body.

Kuwaarjeet is known for the role of a Taliban commander that he performed in the film Torbaaz.[2] The movie made him a part of the Bollywood film industry when it was released in 2020. He was seen alongside Sanjay Dutt and other leading actors in the Hindi film industry in the movie.[3] Acting runs in Kuwaarjeet's blood as he comes from a family of artists. But, despite all this Kuwaarjeet remains a humble and pleasant person you would like to be with.

Another noteworthy thing about him is that he is a gentleman who is punctual and knows how to carry himself. This is because he understands the importance of showing respect to the other person and giving value to their time. Kuwaarjeet follows a strict fitness program religiously. He is dedicated to maintaining his fitness program and never lets a day go by without working out in a gym.

Kuwaarjeet also loves Yoga, which he regularly does. He practices YIN Yoga and Hatha Yoga daily to maintain his mind and body in condition. He also practices the martial art of KALARIPPAYATTU, which he mastered in Pondicherry. Along with the Yoga and fitness regime, Kuwaarjeet understands the value of home-cooked and organic healthful meals.[4]

Early life

Kuwaarjeet Chopraa was born on July 26, 1990, in Delhi to a simple Hindu family.[5] He attended school in Delhi before moving to Lucknow to pursue his engineering degree. Subsequently, he earned an MBA from Loyola College in Chennai. During high school and college, he performed socially oriented street plays.

Kuwaarjeet's passion for movies led him to Mumbai. There he met the British-Indian theatre director, Barry John, and began professional training with him. Kuwaarjeet then joined a theatrical group and studied with renowned playwright and poet Gulzar to enhance his acting skills. He then signed Torbaaz, a 2020 film, which introduced him to the Bollywood film industry.[6]


Kuwaarjeet Chopraa was born in Delhi on July 26, 1990, into a modest Hindu household. His parents, Rathika Chopra and Pawan Chopra instilled traditional Indian values in him. The family belongs to the Punjabi Khatri caste, which is known for its rich tradition.

Kuwaarjeet is on the hot list of India's most eligible bachelors, as he is yet to marry. Acting is in his blood because he comes from a family of artists. This makes him a natural actor. His paternal grandfather, U.N. Chopra (Omiji), was a filmmaker who had to quit the business and reside in Delhi owing to family troubles that forced him to abandon his job in Bombay.

Padmabhushan Krishna Chander, Kuwaarjeet's great-grandfather, was an author and film producer, and several of his writings have been adapted into films. "Lucky by Chance," from his book "52 Pattey," is one of the most current. His works have been translated into 16 Indian languages and 65 other languages. Instead of working in the film industry, Chopra's second generation pursued other interests.

Kuwaarjeet returned to Mumbai and began his career in the Indian film business from the ground up. When he was younger, he was a member of the school theatre club, where he acted in street plays, school skits, and interschool play contests. He went to school in Delhi before moving to Lucknow to pursue engineering, and he eventually received an MBA from Loyola College in Chennai.

Kuwaarjeet began his formal training as a theatre artist in Delhi after graduating from college, under Rang Manch group's Veena Mathur ji, where he appeared in various social satires. He opted to follow his dream of becoming a film director and began professional training with Barry John in Bombay. He then joined a theatre group, where he polished his craft under the tutelage of renowned writer and poet Gulzar.

He then went to Pondicherry to train with the Adishakti group, where he learned how to foster emotional and psychological expression through breath management and rhythmic usage. He later joined the Mumbai-based theatre firm Essay Communications, where he gained more expertise through working on works by Javed Siddiqui and Gulzar alongside Mr. Salim Arif.

He also produced satirical shows from Prithvi to NCPA in Mumbai, and toured the country, playing in Delhi, Kamani Auditorium, and Hyderabad, to name a few.

Kuwaarjeet excelled across Bombay, from Prithvi to NCPA. He has performed in locations like Delhi, Kamani Auditorium, and Hyderabad, to name a few. In 2020, he made his Bollywood debut with the flick Torbaaz.[7] Kuwaarjeet appeared in the film with Sanjay Dutt, Nargis Fakhri, Rahul Dev, and other Bollywood film industry giants.

Yet, despite being in a picture with such industry heavyweights, Kuwaarjeet did create a great impact prompting a question in the mind of viewers "was Torbaaz his first movie"? But, Kuwaarjeet also appeared in a 2013 short film 'The Bridge'. He worked on the picture alongside a host of A-list actors, including Demian Bichir, Emily Rios, Ted Levine, and Matthew Lillard.


Kuwaarjeet Chopraa studied at Delhi's Manav Sthali school before moving to Lucknow to pursue engineering. He then relocated to Chennai to pursue his MBA at the Loyola School of Business Administration.

Kuwaarjeet is also an accomplished actor. He relocated to Mumbai after graduating from school to pursue his acting profession. There, he began professional training with Barry John. Kuwaarjeet then joined a theatre troupe, where he polished his abilities under the tutelage of Gulzar, the famous writer, and poet. Kuwaarjeet considers him his Guru even today.

Kuwaarjeet's interest in acting was sparked when he was just a child. During his childhood, he participated in school plays and skits as a member of the theatrical club. He was president of the cultural club in college and performed in skits and dance contests at different college fests around the country, earning several plaudits and prizes.

He won several overall personality contests, the most notable of which was Mr. Mridaksh, an inter-college competition in IIT Kanpur covered by Hindustan Times and Sahara channel, which had submissions from every major college in the country, earning him his first film offer, which he had to decline because he had yet to complete college and did not want to drop out.

Kuwaarjeet began his formal training as a theatre artist in Delhi under the direction of Rang Manch group's Veena Mathur ji, where he appeared in several social satires. He honed his skills in acting school and afterward with his theatre group under the supervision of Barry John.

After that, Kuwaarjeet went to Pondicherry to train with the Adishakti group. He realized that changing your breath might cause emotional and psychological expression. Every emotion has its respiratory pattern. Learn to center oneself, distinct physiological moments, rhythm, and language to improvise with conscious rhythm awareness.

Kuwaarjeet later joined the Mumbai-based theatre company Essay. He learned more by working on Gulzar and Javed Siddiqui stories with Mr. Salim Arif. He also worked on the stories together with Atul Kulkarni, Yashpal Sharma, Javed Khan, Lubna Salim, and others.


Kuwaarjeet Chopraa was nominated for his role in the short silent film 'The Bridge' at the Monaco Charity Film Festival. Sunny Verma, a well-known director, directed the film, which was released in 2013. Kuwaarjeet went on to direct another short film, The Proof, which was cast by A. Shital.

Kuwaarjeet's spectacular cinematic career was supplemented by a few songs with Venus Records. He has appeared in advertisements for Cinthol and Chevrolet Cruz. Torbaaz earned him critical accolades. When the movie was released on Netflix on December 11th, many people praised Kuwaarjeet on IMDb and Netflix.


Kuwaarjeet Chopraa stands 6ft tall and weighs 78 kg. He is a young man with a well-built body. His biceps measure 16 inches, his chest measures 40 inches, and his waist measures 32 inches. Besides this, he has the charming, chocolatey looks of a typical Indian film hero. He has dark brown hair and eyes. Kuwaarjeet has the blood type B+. He belongs to the Zodiac sign Leo, as he was born on the 26th of July.

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