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Kuldeep Maurya Ponishare-verified.png

Maurya in 2020
Native name कुलदीप मौर्य
Born 09 September 1998
Varanasi, India
Nationality Indian
Years active 2018-Present
Known for Fixed Rate, Gavana, Paharuaa
Home town Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Height 5.6"

Kuldeep Maurya[1] [2] [3](born 09 September 1998) is an Indian Cinematographer[3] and Producer[3] who is best known for producing film Chumki based on prostitution in Kolkata. He also known as cinematographer of Riya, Fixed Rate,[4] [5] Gavana,[6] Paharuaa.[7] Kuldeep Maurya also known as an Film Distributor,[1] He also distributed Dark Rose: The name of fear,[8] [9] Aakrant,[10], God Loves Pipe,[11] [12],Dansh,Visarjan,Lust Love, Santulan film and web series on Amazon, MX Player, Hungama Play, Roku TV, Apple TV etc.

Early Life

Kuldeep Maurya born in a town named Sarnath Varanasi[3] in middle class family, Kuldeep was talented since childhood. After Higher Secondary he wanted to go to IIT but he did not get admission in IIT because he not qualifying in the exam so he did a diploma in Electroplating.[2] Meanwhile, he got the opportunity to work as a production assistant in a Hindi film for the first time. This was the first time he had stepped towards a new destination.


Kuldeep Maurya joined the "FTII Students team" in 2018, He learned cinematography tricks from team, Later, he make a short video in Varanasi. He released video on YouTube and gotten lot's of view, audience encouraged him for make more film. He passed diploma in Electroplating in 2018. After that he started working as a production boy in several films. In 2018, he take a chance to do cinematography in a short film which name is Fair of love. After that he worked as freelancer. After 2 years he produced his much loved film Chumki, who was shotted in kolkata. During time he started our career as a Film Distributor, he also distributed of film Dark Rose: The name of fear, God Loves Pipe, Aakrant, Dansh, Lust Love, Santulan etc, on famous OTT Platforms.


Film/Series title Role Year
Chumki Cinematographer, Producer Cooming Soon
Riya:The Feel of Love Cinematographer 2023
Fixed Rate[5] [4] Cinematographer, Producer 2022
Dark Rose: The Name of Fear[9] [8] Film Distributor 2022
Lust Love Film Distributor 2022
Aakrant [13] Film Distributor 2021
Gavana [6] Cinematographer 2020
Paharuaa [7] Cinematographer 2020
God Loves Pipe [12] Film Distributor 2019
Visarjan Film Distributor 2018

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