Kristen Clougherty

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Kristen Clougherty
Kristin Clougherty, raising fund to fight cancer.
Kristin Clougherty, raising fund to fight cancer.
Born 1975
Nationality USA
Known for cancer hoaxster

Kristen Clougherty was an American women who pretended to be cancer victim.[1] Supporters organized the First Annual Kristen Clougherty 5K Run/Walk to raise funds for her.[2] Supporters were reported to have raised $50,000, intended to help pay her medical expenses. Clouherty spent the funds on personal items and services, including a new car, liposuction and artificial breasts.

Clougherty maintained her charade for two years, before the Police got an anonymous tip she had lied about being a cancer victim.[3][4] She even went so far as shaving he head so she could claim she lost her hair due to cancer therapy.

Clougherty underwent a psychiatric evaluation before she stood trial.[5]

She was sentenced on November 1, 2000, with the judge calling her crime "breathtaking in its callousness".[3] She received a suspended sentence of two years.[6] She has to repay all the funds and undergo 300 hours of community service.

On May 24, 2001, Clougherty was arrested for serving as the getaway driver in an armed robbery.[7]

In her 2020 text book on ethics in Journalism, A New Approach to Journalism, Alexandra Kitty used Clougherty and another cancer hoaxster, Ashley Kirilow as examples of the failure of journalists who reported on them, prior to suspicions being made public.[8] With regard to Clougherty Kitty observed: "Had anyone covering the event asked to speak to her oncologist, they would have had a clue that what she was presenting was not the truth."


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