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Kormann House Hotel is one of the previous names of a heritage property in downtown Toronto, on the southwest corner of Sherbourne and Queen Street East.[1][2] The property was renamed Canada House in the mid 1910s.[3] As of 2021, it has been boarded up for approximately two decades. It has been described as one of the least desirable real estate locations in Toronto.[4]

The three-storey building was built in the Renaissance Revival style.[5] It was considered an up-market venue, when it was built, in 1897.

There were redevelopment plans in the late 2000s, that fell through.[5][4][6]

In November 2021 developers announced plans to preserve the facade of the building, while building a 97 metre condominium tower within the site.[1] The Ontario Government of Doug Ford announced a new subway line, in 2019, and Moss Park station would lie right across the street, increasing its property value.

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