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Korede Ola
Born May 26

Korede Ola, a visionary cybersecurity leader and accomplished mentor, shapes the industry with over a decade of pioneering projects. As a VP and Principal Cybersecurity Engineer, his Master’s in Information Technology Management and diverse industry certifications underscore his expertise. Beyond his impactful roles, Korede passionately mentors and contributes to organizations like NSBE, OC3, ISAC, and ISSA, extending his influence to initiatives like TraceLabs and Hacker Summits. Armed with a profound dedication to continuous learning, Korede's commitment to fortifying systems and empowering professionals defines his lasting impact.

Early Life

Korede Ola's journey into the world started on May 26 in the United States, marked by an inherent curiosity about the world's mechanisms and mathematical intricacies. This early fascination laid the foundation for his future endeavors. As he delved into education, his quest for understanding complex systems propelled him toward Ogun State University. Here, he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Physics & Mathematics, honing his analytical and problem-solving skills.

Personal Life

Beyond the realm of cybersecurity, Korede Ola is a multifaceted individual. He finds enrichment in exploring diverse cultures through travel, embracing the rich tapestry of global communities. A relentless advocate for lifelong learning, he immerses himself in literature, seeking knowledge beyond the confines of technology. However, his true passion lies in mentoring and contributing to societal growth. Actively engaged with organizations such as NSBE, OC3, and ISSA, Korede extends his expertise to aspiring cybersecurity professionals. He also contributes to initiatives like TraceLabs, B-sides, and Hacker Summits, amplifying his impact beyond his professional sphere.


Korede Ola's career trajectory in cybersecurity embodies a decade-long commitment to pioneering innovation and securing cutting-edge projects. His current role as a VP and Principal Cybersecurity Engineer exemplifies his vision and expertise. Armed with a Master's Degree in Information Technology Management and a repertoire of industry certifications, Korede's journey began at NCR, where he meticulously managed network architecture and cloud security, ensuring the robust deployment of ATMs and POS terminals while strictly adhering to security best practices.

Transitioning to JPMC marked a pivotal moment in his career, as Korede assumed the role of a Security Operations Analyst, acting as the primary line of defense against critical cybersecurity incidents across multifaceted environments.

His tenure at OhioHealth as a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer (CIRT) underscored his vigilant oversight of performance monitoring, threat intelligence, vulnerability assessments, forensics, and security analyses, crucial in safeguarding healthcare operations spanning 12 campuses.

Finally, his current role at Huntington as the VP of Cybersecurity Engineering cements Korede's legacy. Here, he spearheads the creation of advanced security solutions for over 100,000 endpoints. His leadership extends across workstations, VMs, servers, ATMs, IoT devices, applications, processes, and controls, exemplifying a steadfast dedication to fortifying systems against the evolving threat landscape.

Throughout his career, Korede's technical acumen, leadership, commitment to continuous learning, and passion for mentoring have set him apart, establishing him as a vanguard within the dynamic realm of cybersecurity.







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