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Native name কীর্তি সৌরভ
Born Kirti Sourove
Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh

Kirti Sourove (Bengali: কীর্তি সৌরভ) is a Bangladeshi Google Certified Digital Marketer, Artist, Cyber Security Specialist, Digital Market Strategist and successful Tech Entrepreneur.[1]

Early Life

From the past 9 years, Ambitions to secure the internet and dreams, the modern day Entrepreneur, Kirti Sourove has already worked with many companies within the country and abroad.[2]


Sourove has released and worked on more than 10 albums and composed about 100 songs. He has also written music for Indian Bengali movies. From childhood, he wanted to do something different. So, he started working as a musical artist when he was only 7 years old. He is one of the youngest musical artists in Bangladesh.[3][2]

The young entrepreneur has a soft spot for music and entertainment. He is also a musician. He was the music director of a title track of a movie named "Chhalaang".[4] Kirti Sourove believes that by working together we can build a better future for the youth, because they are the future.

Personal Life

He was born on 28 October in Dhaka, Bangladesh.[5]


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