Kevin S. Kaplan

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Kevin S. Kaplan
Nationality American
Occupation Chairman & CEO of Coaching Charities LLC

Kevin S. Kaplan is an American sports executive. He was named a "Sports Marketing Guru" by the Sporting News in 1991. Kaplan served as Vice President of Marketing for the Birmingham Fire (NFL World League of American Football). Responsible for the largest attendance in US World League history (54,000 at Legion Field).[1][2][3]


Kevin S. Kaplan created and organized the Vegas Golden Knights (NHL) Las Vegas 75 Season Ticket campaign that brought the first major professional sports franchise to Nevada.

He also helped start the SEAL Legacy Foundation in 2011, a nonprofit organization that provides support to US Navy SEALS and their families.

Kaplan is currently the CEO of Las Vegas based Coaching Charities, a foundation management company that assists clients with achieving their charitable goals. He's also the CEO of Promotion Dynamics, a sports marketing firm.


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