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Description and Rules of the game

Keno Numbers are an online lottery game, created by the organizer of the game of chance, the company Meridianbet D.O.O. [1]

Keno Numbers are by definition a virtual type of betting, there are 80 balls in the drum with numbers from 1 to 80, in each draw 20 numbers are drawn from the drum.

In the game, Keno Numbers are always bet on the next draw, and betting is enabled from the very beginning of the draw. From the moment the draw begins, all bets will apply to the next draw.

The picture with numbers is shown on the screen, the drawn numbers are shown in the left corner, while the numbers from 1 to 80 which are chosen for the next draw game, are displayed on the right side. Betting options on new games are available on the left side, below the drawn numbers. Quota tables for different types of games are also shown.

Betting Options

There are several options of betting and these are: Numbers, Contra, All or Nothing and Risko.

The Numbers betting option can be won even though a number is missed, the win depends on how many numbers are selected as well as how many numbers are guessed.

On the Contra betting option, betting on numbers that will not be drawn in the next draw is available.

On the All or Nothing betting option from 1 to 6 numbers are selected, each selected number in the next draw must be drawn.

On the Risko betting option a random number is available, which is announced at the end of each draw, and shows how much the winnings increase or decrease.

Additional Games

Keno Numbers as a virtual type of betting have several additional games.

And these are: Total sum of drawn numbers, Sum of 5 numbers, First number OU (first - drawn number higher or lower than the offered limit), First number Even / Odd, First number one-figure, Last number one-figure, Last number of OU (last drawn number higher or lower than offered limit), Last Number Even / Odd, Last number one-figure.

Betting on the game Keno Numbers also allows the Random option as well as the additional Autoplay option.

With the Random option, the offered games will appear on the screen, and as many random numbers as offered.

The Autoplay option will allow the chosen combination of numbers to be played for multiple draws at once instead of just one bet.

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