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Ken Will Music
Born Kenneth Wayne Wilson
February 13, 1984 (1984-02-13) (age 37)
Trenton, New Jersey
Nationality American
Title President of Ken Will Productions LLC
Musical career
Genres Pop, R&B, and trap beats
Occupations Rapper, record producer, songwriter, film composer
Instruments Motif, Moxf8, violin, drums
Labels Ken Will Productions LLC

Ken Will Music (born February 13 1984) is an American rapper, multi genre record producer, and songwriter, best known for producing pop, R&B, and trap beats. Ken Will Music has a net worth of $3 million. He has also produced many hit singles, including Louise Chantal's “Million Tears,” Rihanna's “Birthday Remix,” Feat Chris Brown and Maino (rapper)|Maino’s “Tryna Get It.” In addition to producing music for others Ken Will has also released his own music. He's released numerous mixtapes and a studio album titled “4eva Drippy”.[1]

Early life and career

Born as Kenneth Wayne Wilson on the 13th of February in 1984, in Trenton, New Jersey, he is the older brother of Actor Ryan J. Wilson and the son of Angela, and Ronald Wilson. Ken Will had a highly athletic childhood. He participated in sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer and track.

Although he dreamt of becoming a professional athlete, his passion for hip hop music took over early on. When Ken turned 12, he started creating his own beats on an MPC beat machine his mother got him for Christmas. Eventually, he began using production equipment such as the MPC 1000, MPC 2000, Yamaha Motif, and the Roland Fantom.

By the age of 17, Ken Will was spending time in his cousin's recording studio in Trenton, where he attempted to sell his beats to established artists. Although no music was placed, his dedication and talent soon attracted the attention of former Atlantic Records Rapper Kilagram, and Fox Empire TV star Big Ooh. Ken Will soon became an entrepreneur after entering into a business partnership and remixing music for other notable artists.

Ken Will Productions and other projects

In 2013, Ken Will established his own production company named; Ken Will Productions LLC. Seven years later, he founded the label Ken Will Productions LLC and signed it to "Future Hits TV". Ken Will produced numerous hits through his company's label, including Louise Chantal's Million Tears, Welcome to Aranb and others. The artistry of Kenn Will Music made him a multi-genre record producer, songwriter, and composer. Due to his popularity and fame, Ken Will Music is worth $3 million in today's time which must have increased his wealth due to the popularity.

In 2018, he also worked on “KOB2: The Album," one of two official albums for the hip-hop rapper Maino (rapper)|Maino. The album's 10th single, “Tryna Get It,” was a collaboration with Uncle Murda, Tweezie, and D.O.D.

As a producer and songwriter, Ken Will produced remixes for artists such as Chris Brown “Birthday Remix“ Feat Rihanna, Chris Brown “Love More” Reggae Remix Feat Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown “Ready” Extended Remix Feat Fabolous, and Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball".[2]

On 16 October 2021, Ken Will Productions LLC, partnered with the New Jersey singer and piano player Jonathan Grimes. He signed a music partnership with Ken Will after they met at a guest appearance on a track from music artist Destiny Rydas.[3]

Currently, he is performing and touring in several cities across the world.


Louise Chantal[4]

  • Million Tears

Philly’s Power 99Fm

  • Come Up Show With Dj Cosmic Kev


  • Just Ty “IV”
  • Just Ty “Left Out”
  • Just Ty “Headed To The Bay” Feat Clip_275
  • Just Ty “Made It Out The Hood” Feat Tone The Voice
  • Just Ty “Call Of Duty” Ft. Beez , Pac Marley

Ken Will[6][7][8]

  • Debut Single “OMG” Ft. 3-60 Produced By Ken Will
  • Single (Ready Remix) - Chris Brown Feat. Fabulous Produced by Ken Will
  • Single (She Don’t Need Nobody) - IAN Johnson Produced by Ken Will
  • "Triple Action" Feat. Rich Smiles
  • Pillow Fight and Masta Chief "Never turn it down"

Maino K.O.B. 2 - Album[9]

  • #10 Tryna Get It Ft. Uncle Murda, Tweezie, D.O.D.
  • Terrill Paul & Paul Campbell Single Time Will Tell


  • Murda feat Zoo Life
  • Single: “Loaded” Jay Griffy
  • Single: “Inbox” Kilogram Ft. Jay Griffy, Young Savage & Porta Rich

3-60 Gp2 Album

  • Imma Get At You Ft. Big Ooh From The Tv Show (Empire) Baby Ft. 3-60
  • Lost Ft. 3-60, Damarko & Ap Da Mayor

3-60 The Greatest Story Told - Album

  • Proud of Me
  • Make This Right Ft. Courtney Danger 8 Stay On Point
  • Gp2 Album Release Party
  • I Know Remix Ft. Kilogram
  • Money Is Power Ft. Cassidy

Jay Griffy[10][11][12]

  • Single: “Loaded” Witch Air On Comcast Verizon Television NetwoRk  
  • Single: “Inbox” Kilogram Ft. Jay Griffy, Young Savage & Porta Rich

Noire - Book Soundtrack[13]

  • Noire [Thong On Fire]
  • 50 Cent [Baby Brother]
  • Noire [G-String]
  • Between The Knees
  • Make The Money Birthday Cake Shawty


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