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Kelly Jeffries is a lieutenant in UNECOM, a citizen of New Earth, and the wife of the Last Engineer from the GoBots franchise, having been introduced in "Quest for New Earth." According to Renegade Rhetoric, Jeffries and the Last Engineer fell in love and were married after settling on New Earth, and were expecting a child when the colony was attacked and enslaved by the Master Renegade, who transformed the Last Engineer into a parrot using the Engineer's own polymorphic inducer device. Jeffries was the only colonist to escape and eventually greeted the Guardians when they arrived on the planet, and worked with them and their human allies to free the colony. Though the GoBots were temporarily turned into humans and believed themselves helpless, Matt Hunter inspired them to action, an act that cause Kelly's husband to contemplate naming their soon-to-be-born son Matthew. Kelly and her family later attended the peace treaty signing on Quartex signifying an alliance between that planet, Earth, and Gobotron, and thus were witness to the defeat of the Renegades and evil Rock Lords.