Keeping Youthful

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Keeping Youthful is a medical album by Dr. Yusof Mutahar, The album was released on 07 November 2019. It is available on digital stores such as on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and 35 others.
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Track listing

Year Recordings
2019 Keeping Youthful
2019 Why Become a Gp
2019 Judo Uchi Mata Throw
2019 How to Grow Instagram Audience
2019 How to Create Cosmetic Line
2019 Getting Defined Abs
2019 Communication in Healthcare Setting
2019 Benefits of Judo


  • An Indian doctor responded to the medical album and he rated 4.7 out of 5. He included: Dr. Yusof Mutahar released medical album and it's a new start for us. We should release album like this to warn the society and explain them to be youthful.
  • Japanese doctor commented on the album saying: I've listed to the album and Dr. Yusof explained everything very perfectly.
  • Spotify has verified Dr. Yusof Mutahar's profile as it's received positive response worldwide.


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