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Kedar Joshi
Born June 10, 1985
Thane, Maharashtra
Nationality Indian
Occupation Indian Producer
Title Founder of Suman Entertainment

Kedar Joshi (born 10 June 1985 in Thane, Maharashtra) is an Indian producer predominantly known for producing songs such as Deva Ganaraya, Jeev Jhala Mogra, Loknath and Sri Suktam. Kedar Joshi is the founder of Suman Entertainment.[1][2]


Kedar Joshi launched the record label Suman Entertainment Music in October 2021. The biggest hits under the music label were ‘Deva Ganaraya’ and ‘Jeev Jhala Mogra’. With 12 songs released in a year, Suman Entertainment has plans of expanding its horizons across other verticals. Some of the biggest musical hits of Suman Entertainment include 'Deva Ganaraya', 'Jeev Jhala Mogra', 'Loknath' and 'Sri Suktam'. Joshi has strong roots in his native, Maharashtra. Hence he wants to take Marathi entertainment to a new level.[3]

Kedar Joshi is a Producer who has his own Music Label by name Suman Entertainment Music Pvt Ltd. Kedar has Produced Devotional, Spiritual, Romantic and Melody's songs. Kedar believes in producing more festive devotional song which has made his mark in the Music Industry. Kedar's produced songs are Deva Ganaraya, Sri Sukhtam, Jeev Zhala Mogra, Loknath, Akhiyan, Tu Sakhi ani Sobti, Swami Hathi Durava haat re & Vithucha Gajar etc.[4][5]

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