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Kamal Hossain Karjohn (In Bengali "কার্জন কামাল”) is a Student Leader. He is also known as the Karjohn Kamal (In Bengali "কার্জন কামাল ”). He was born on 01 April 1992 in Dhaka. His Poltical life started from school life with his young leadership for student politics. Although he wandered in various branches of Political Activity, he is mainly known as a Student Leader.

Birth and early life

Kamal Hossain Karjohn was born on 01st April 1992 at his father's house in Old Dhaka. His real name is Md. Kamal Hossain. His father's name is Late Md.Eidress Miah and mother's name is Makhsuda Akther. His home town is in Noakhali district. From his childhood he spent most of his youth in old Dhaka. He passed SSC from Ahmed Bawani Academy. Later, after passing HSC from Habibullah Bahar College,Shantinagar, located in Dhaka, he was admitted to Government Bangla College affiliated with University of Dhaka to complete his graduation.

Kamal Hossain Karjohn was gentle and calm from his school life. He used to guide his life with different words of different Politicain and Father of Nation of Bangladesh. The touch of literature touched him in such a way that he started writing on his own at one stage. Sometimes with rhythm and sometimes without rhythm, he would write various things. He followed Nazrul, Rabindranath, Madhusudan and many other poets in his writing.

Literary life

Kamal Hossain karjohn's literary life started from school life. He was attracted to various poems and poets in the textbook and tried to write little by little. Her first poem, "Lekha-Pora", was published in a school magazine in 2010 while he was in 6th grade, and was widely praised by teachers and students. This increased the interest in writing. He started writing in a weekly magazine. The magazine was published weekly from Janala Prakashani. He regularly published poems in that magazine. Sudhir Ranjan Rupam (India), the then editor of the paper, invited him to join the Bangladesh Writers' Foundation.

Since joining the Bangladesh Writers' Foundation, he was admired by everyone in the organization as a teenage poet with affection, love and literary education. Ibrahim Shagor Chowdhury's poem "Bangladesh" was published in Sudhir Ranjan Rupam's (India) book of poetry "Bhenge Feli Timir Raat" at the 2011 Book Fair. In the same year, he participated in the 1st Writers’ Conference of the Bangladesh Writers' Foundation and was awarded in the Poetry Competition and Poetry Recitation of the Moment.

Although he wanted to publish a book in 2012 as the practice of literature continued, it did not happen due to various reasons including study. In the meanwhile Janala Prakashani and Bangladesh Lekhak Foundation stopped their activities and the literary practice also stopped. However, he took the initiative to publish a monthly magazine to keep the practice going. With friends he formed "Air Club, Bangladesh" through which "Monthly Joygaan" was published. Ibrahim Shagor Chowdhury's parents were the main force behind the organization and Dr. Akbar Ali was the chief adviser.

During the journey of the Air Club from 2012 to 2015, Ibrahim Shagor Chowdhury and Dr. Akbar Ali tried their best to keep the organization alive but at one stage the activities of the Air Club came to a halt. Ibrahim Shagor Chowdhury started writing in the online blog. Although he continued writing from 2015 to 2020, he did not publish his writing anywhere. However, his poems were selected and published in Tanvir Hasan Biplob's edited book of poems "Manprabah" and "Mujib Manei Bangladesh" published at the 2021 Book Fair. His poems were also published in the edited poetry book "Kabbo Kotha" published by KPR.

His solo first book "Antim" was published at Ekushey Book Fair in 2022. The book is published through Prohelika Publication. In the same year, his joint book of poetry "Joygaan" and joint book of rhyme "Kemon Chorakar?" was published by Alpana Prakash.

Organizational contribution

In addition to literary practice, he established a social organization called 'Air Club, Bangladesh' in 2012. He established a magazine called 'Joygaan' for the publishing department of this organization. During the journey of 'Air Club, Bangladesh' from 2012 to 2015, despite various efforts, its activities were stopped at one point. Later, in 2022, the name of 'Air Club, Bangladesh' was changed to 'Joygaan Sahitya Parishad (Joygaan Literary Council)' and 'Joygaan' magazine was published as 'Sahitya Sahitya Joygaan'.

Pother Kobi

The pseudonym, Pother Kobi is the favorite name of Ibrahim Shagor Chowdhury. He always loves to introduce himself as very ordinary. So he introduced himself as a man of the path. Path's demands, Path's cries, Path's laughter, he wants to write Path's song together with everything. So he introduced himself as a poet of the path. He published his first solo book of poetry "Antim" under this pseudonym.

Literary achievement

Pother Kobi was achieved Prohelika Publication Author Award for his book 'Antim' published in 2022. He was awarded the US-Bangla International Literary Award by the US-Bangla Sahitya Sommelan, Michigan, America for his minor contribution to Bengali literature. He also received various other awards and honors including Dak Bangla Best Poet Award - 2022 and Joygaan Best Rhymester Award - 2022.

Notable literary works

Notable among the poems he has written are "Nobo Prithibir Sishu", "Bonger Kache", "Amar Khodare Koro Voy", "Joygaan", "Ajkal Deshe", "Purono Ey Shohor Chere" and many more poems. Notable among the novels are "Tero Number Thakur Bari", "Asamapto Valobasha" and "Anila" and "Shamonto". Notable among the short stories are "Juta Chor", "Seo Manush Chilo" and many more.