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Junkion, also known as Junk or the Planet of Junk, is a planet featured in several branches of the Transformers franchise and the homeworld of the Junkions. The name Junkion was also used for a character in the Transformers: Adventures toy line.


Generation 1

Animated series

Junkion first appeared in The Transformers: The Movie, where it resembled an island of refuse floating in space as opposed to a more traditional, spherical planet. The Autobots under Ultra Magnus crash-landed there after much of their ship was destroyed in an attack by Galvatron's Decepticons, and attempted to repair what remained of their vessel using materials found on the planet. Galvatron's forces eventually found them with the aid of Unicron, and stole the Matrix of Leadership from the Autobots after destroying the Autobots' ship and blowing Ultra Magnus apart. The intact Autobots were then attacked by a tribe of Cybertronians who had taken up residence on the planet, the Junkions, but the two groups later formed an alliance after additional Autobots under Hot Rod arrived and extended the hand of peace. The Junkions subsequently repaired Ultra Magnus and then revealed a ship of their own, which they flew into action alongside a vessel Hot Rod's crew had taken from the Quintessons against Unicron.

Junkion would be featured in several subsequent episodes, including one in which a Quintesson scientist abducted Wreck-Gar from the planet.

Aligned Continuity


Junkion also appeared in Transformers: Exiles, where it was made up of various cosmic garbage drawn together by the gravitational field of the Requiem Blaster, which was aboard a ship that became the planet's core. It was eventually visited by Optimus Prime's Autobots aboard the Ark, Megatron's Decepticons aboard the Nemesis, and Thundertron's Star Seekers aboard the Tidal Wave, with the three forces becoming engaged in a battle that also involved Nexus Prime. The planet broke apart due to the Decepticons' theft of the Requiem Blaster, but the resourceful Junkions immediately set about putting it back together.


Film series


  • Adventure Junkion (2015)
A blue recolor of Decepticon Junkheap.