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Joshua Phillip Bodjanac (born 8 June 1992 in Colorado Springs , Colorado) is an Interior Designer and owner of JB NOBLE INTERIORS, LTD.[1] Joshua Phillip Bodjanac is an award-winning interior designer. Through the use of skillful design, architecture, and unique décor items, Joshua brings beauty to interior spaces that embrace everyday life. Joshua believes that noble living is a choice. [2][3][4]


Joshua Phillip Bodjanac
Born 1992/06/08
Colorado Springs , Colorado
Occupation Interior Design

Early Life and Career

Joshua’s family has been in design for generations. His grandfather, a Certified Master Upholsterer from former Yugoslavia, immigrated to the United States on June 22, 1961 where he established Star Upholstery and was an artisan to many dignitaries and celebrities including the Prince of Saudi Arabia. His father and mother founded European Upholstery in July 1991 where Joshua matured around lavish textiles, design terminology and innovative solution discovery. Joshua Upholstered his first chair at the age of 14 and went on to study and graduate with honors from The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. His graduation portfolio was reviewed by the school board, and became a document of influence to better the interior design program. After working for a number of firms in the corporate and residential sectors of design, Joshua established JB Noble Interiors, Ltd. in 2014. In October 2015, Joshua moved to Los Angeles and has been working on projects throughout the states of California, Texas, Colorado, Florida, and Ohio, while also servicing clients in Australia, Europe, and Central America. Joshua’s talent encompasses all aspects of design including interior architecture, furniture design and manufacturing, kitchen and bath design, lighting, décor and decorating. JB Noble is a one- stop, all inclusive design resource that is tailored to each individual client to reflect their lifestyles and dreams making each project exclusive and exceptional. His portfolio boasts experience in the design of luxury mega yachts, residential homes, luxury condos, private jets, and hotels. [5]

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