Joseph John Schmidt III

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Joseph John Schmidt III
Born 1985 (age 31–32)
Nationality USA
Occupation Sailor
Known for porn star

Joseph John Schmidt III is a decorated US Navy SEAL who was revealed to be an actor in pornographic movies.[1][2][3]

Schmidt, who has served in the US military for 23 years, started appearing in pornographic movies in 2010.[1][2][3] He has appeared in over two dozen pornographic films.

Schmidt's wife is also an actor in pornographic movies, performing under the name Jewels Jade.[1][2] Schmidt's performing name is Jay Voom. She first started performing in 2001, taking time off to have children. She told the Huffington Post that Schmidt started taking roles, in 2010, to help her career. She told the Huffington Post that her husband's colleagues and superiors were aware of his off-duty work in the porn industry. Other observers noted that Schmidt might be in violation of regulations that require all US Navy personnel getting formal approval for all after-hours jobs.

In addition to his wife, his co-stars included Mena Li and Ashden Wells.[4]

Schmidt plans to retire, in 2017.[1][2][3] the inquiry into whether his apparent lapse from regulations, by failing to get prior permission for his outside work, means he could get a demotion that reduces his pension.


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