Jose Eduardo Lopez-Cobena

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Jose Edwardo Lopez-Cobena
Born 1977
Died 2017-03-30
Nationality USA
Occupation soldier
Known for drowned when off-duty
Cable Beach sign, recommending swimmers use a "buddy system".

Jose Eduardo Lopez-Cobena was a senior Non-commissioned officer, from Fort Carson, Colorado, who drowned while serving at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, on March 30, 2017.[1][2][3]

Lopez-Cobena was forty years old, when he drowned.[2] Carol Rosenberg, writing in the Miami Herald, reported that he was just shy of serving 20 years, the time when enlisted soldiers normally retire.

He drowned while he was off-duty, at Cable Beach, one of several beautiful beaches staff are allowed to use.[2] The circumstances of his drowning were not initially reported, and Carol Rosenberg reported that authorities had not announced who would be authorized to conduct an investigation into the death.

The Associated Press reminded readers that three off-dute Marines died, at the base, in 2010.[3]


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