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Jordan Bolch
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Born August 27, 1996 (1996-08-27) (age 27)
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Nationality American
Occupation Musical artist, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur.

Jordan Bolch is a Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, and Music producer from the USA [1][2]. Along with his musical career, he is involved in businesses as well as he is a co-founder of the luxury streetwear brand Six Feathers and a private recording company known as Auricle Studios[3]. Bolch is also co-owner of Media Monsters and Star Films, Miami’s premier boutique film studio, VFX and animation house.


Jordan Bass Bolch, famously known as Jordan Bolch was born in August 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia. His family consists of an elder brother and three sisters [4]. His father Carl Bolch Jr. is the Chairman of RaceTrac Petroleum Inc., founded by the grandfather of Jordan, Carl Bolch Sr. [4][5][6]. RaceTrac Inc. is an American-based corporation whose headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently operating over 800 gasoline stations across the country [4]. Jordan is also a part of this company as a member of the board of directors [4][7].


Jordan Bolch started his solo music career in 2015 [4]. He partnered up with Richie Schwab and Patrick Collier, who are both music producers, and after partnering up, he released his first album “Slide” in 2015[7]. Jordan’s music is usually a fusion of Pop, R&B, and Electronic Dance Music[2]. His music is inspired by many famous artists including Billy Joel, The Beach Boys, Elvis, Paul McCartney, Craig David, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, and Michael Jackson [4][8]. He set up his studio “Jordan Bolch Studios”, soon after partnering up with them. He set up another studio “Auricle Studios” in studio city, California, which is currently managed and operated by Patrick Collier [4]. Jordan’s latest album World Tour consists of 13 songs and the album is mastered by Ted Jensen from Sterling Sounds[4][7][2]. Subsequently, Jordan released an album of remixed songs for the electronic dance music community titled “Worldwide Remixes.” In addition to his musical career, Jordan is a co-founder of a streetwear clothing brand known as Six Feathers, where he and Scott Freeze design the articles[3][8].


Since the start of Jordan’s musical career in 2015, he has given 3 successful albums which include some hit songs like “Dance Around’, “Prince Charming”, “All or Nothing”, and “Lit” [7]. His music has earned him a huge fan base, as his recent music video “911” has gained over a million views. His videos and audio songs can be found on musical platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. His company, “The Jordan Bolch Company” has its website and his app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play[4][7][8].


Jordan received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Southern Methodist University and Master’s Degree in Business from Emory University. [4][7]

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