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Jonathan Campau
Born May 17, 1986
Jackson, Michigan
Residence America
Nationality American
Education Administration
Occupation American real estate agent
Title President of Luxuri

Jonathan Campau (born 17 May 1986 in Jackson, Michigan) is an American entrepreneur and President of Luxuri which is a  rental and real estate company which deals in luxury homes. Jonathan Campau is the CEO of Luxuri, a short-term rental and real estate business that specialises in luxury houses and offers customised experiences to its clients,.[1][2]

Career and Education

After the success of his distinctive real estate and vacation rental brokerage, Luxuri, businessman Jonathan Campau rose to prominence in the Miami real estate market both before and after the pandemic. At this point, Campau signed a rent-to-own contract for an apartment in September 2020 for $8,000 a month, which he later bought for $1.9 million in September 2021. He set the penthouse up for sale at a price point that was $1 million more than what he had paid ($2.9 million), and eight months later, in March 2022, he attracted a buyer who closed for $2.6 million, making a $700,000 profit. Now, Campau hopes to use his prominent position as one of Miami's leading real estate experts to educate the general public about market trends and changes while keeping the best information exclusively for Luxuri's clientele.[3][4][5]

Campau is here to allay the fears of Miami real estate buyers who may be worried about the US federal government's increase in mortgage interest rates. According to Campau, the luxury real estate market is expected to remain steady and stable despite the interest rate increase. By choosing unique buildings in prime locations throughout numerous American cities, Jonathan Campau has built the Luxuri portfolio. Campau claims that over the past year, he has watched in awe as the cost of luxury real estate has skyrocketed, even with the pandemic. The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing's April study shows that single-family luxury home prices have increased by almost 15% since last March, with median list prices peaking at $1.8 million in 2021. In numerous cities, including Miami, Washington, D.C., and Denver, Luxuri offers multi-million dollar houses for sale and short-term rental. For their privileged clientele, the business also offers a fleet of exotic automobiles, yachts, and VIP concierge services.[6][7][8]

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