Jonathan Bailor

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Jonathan Bailor
Nationality American
Citizenship United States
Alma mater DePauw University
Occupation Wellness expert, engineer, author and actor
Known for Founder and CEO of SANE Solution

Jonathan Bailor is an American Wellness expert, engineer, author and actor.[1] He is the Founder and CEO of SANE Solution.[2][3]


Bailor is a 2005 Summa Cum Laude Phi Beta Kappa graduate of DePauw University.[3] He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics, Philosophy and Computer Science.


Bailor has been in the Wellness industry for decades. He is the founder of the field of Wellness Engineering.[4] He worked with Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager and assisted in creating Xbox Fitness and Nike+ Kinect Training within the company.[5]

Bailor is the author of The Calorie Myth and The Setpoint Diet which earned New York Best Seller title in 2014.[2][6] He has up to 26 patents to his credits.[7] As an actor, he produced the movie captioned BETTER and also starred in it.[8][9] He has been a speaker at TED conferences and other business conferences.[10]

In 2011, Bailor founded SANE Solution, a metabolic healing and Diabesity treatment company.[11][12] He is currently the CEO of the company.[13]

Bailor created four supplements meant for hormone, gut and brain.[14] Notable doctors from Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School, the Cleveland Clinic, UCLA and the Mayo Clinic has endorsed and implemented his works.[15]

Personal life

Bailor is married to his wife Angela and they have two daughters


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