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Jonaed Hasan
Native name Jonaed
Born Jonaed Hasan
22 May, 1999
Pabna, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Biam Model School and College (ssc), Dhaka city college (HSC) , Asia Pacific University (BBA)
Occupation Rapper , Hip-Hop Producer , Independent Artist , Entrepreneur
Years active 2018 to present
Known for Rapper
Height 5 fit 8 inches
Religion Muslim

Jonaed Hasan is a Bangladeshi Rapper and Musician on the rise in the BD Hip Hop.He was born 22 May, 1999 in Pabna,Bangladesh. He defines himself as an Independent Artist.He started his music career in 2018.Jonaed Hasan working so hard for Bangladeshi Hip Hop culture.

Music Journey

Over the years, Jonaed Hasan developed his skills with vocal practice, beat producing, wordplay, flow switching,metaphor and even mix mastering lessons for a short period. He began freestyle rap and verse writing in his preteens. After studying his music idols Eminem and NF, Jonaed adopted a unique lyricism approach to all of his tracks.Jonaed Hasan is currently working on an upcoming EP and mix tape with underrated rappers of Bangladesh.


Although none of his family members were involved in music and extremely religious, Jonaed always had an ear and active passion for music and rap from childhood. Ever since he was a toddler, Jonaed's mother banned music playing in house for religion purpose.No one gave him a learning opportunities he deserved.He was on his own in this music world from the beginning. There is not a single person's contribution in his music career.


1. Bekheyali Bangla Rap (2022)

2. THIK NAI (2021)

3. ALWAYS ON TOP ft. TOHA(2022)

4. AMI (2022)

5. HASINA (2022)

6.GHUM NAI (2022)

7.NOGOD E GAME (2022)

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