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Jim Ross the musical artist
Native name Jim Ross
Born 28th July 1976
Owosso, Michigan
Residence Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Nationality American
Education Life '''School of Hard Knocks'''
Occupation Musicain, Guitarist, Producer, Session Musician, Performer
Years active 1995
Known for Guitarist
Height 6'
Religion spiritual
Parents unknown


Jim Ross is a guitarist/composer/session musician, and producer from Jacksonville Florida, USA. He has been playing in underground metal bands since the early 90's, and continues to still today. He has worked with many bands over the years, Bandwhore is his most notable project, which is an huge, Unprecedented international extreme metal collaboration. Jim resides in Jacksonville Florida, where he's lived since 2008. Most of his free time is spent working from his home studio on various music projects. Born and raised in Owosso, Michigan on July 28 1976 and has since lived all along the East coast USA, from Florida to Maine. Jim was the youngest of 5 siblings growing up, as well as 2 younger siblings from his father's side. He had found his passion for playing guitar in his early teens when he had started playing with his oldest brother (Barrett) guitars. Jim had been a drummer throughout school, but guitar quickly became his thing. He spent his early years learning to play by reading stacks of old guitar magazines and theory books. Jim's musical development started early in school, where he performed various concerts, parades, festivals, & competitions. Aside from music, he was active in football, wrestling, and BMX. At 15 years old he appeared in BMX Plus magazine for competing in a Matt Hoffman Bicycle Stunts Contest at Stonehenge SkatePark in Daytona, Florida. At 16 years old he set a school record for free-squatting 375lbs for his weight class. At 19 years old (1996), he moved to Tampa, Florida until 2003. At that time he moved to Augusta, Maine, to play in the band Necropia. In 2008 he moved to Jacksonville, Florida to play with the band Cystic Dysentery where he spent 9 years working with the band. In recent years Jim has released a huge collection of albums and music spanning multiple genres, and has traveled around the world performing in Portugal, Mexico, & the United States.


Jim currently owns and manages a cabinetry installation company in Jacksonville, Florida. He is licensed, insured, and enjoys a comfortable living working as his own boss.


Jim has published 13 guitar books: The 1234 Guitar System for the Fretting Hand, Scales- Formations Of Pitch, Chord Progressions- Harmonic Tension And Resolve, and others.

He has written and recorded several metal and other albums with local and international bands such as Bandwhore, Doomsilla, Nader Sadek, Jim Rots, Human Enslavement, Cystic Dysentery, Necropia, (Maine), Enigmatist, and many others. Bandwhore - is a massive work in progress featuring many (70+ and always adding new artists) of the top metal musicians on the planet from all over the world, playing with various line-ups on over 200 metal songs, being his most ambitious work to date.

Jim has been featured on many albums as a guest soloist or session artist: Criminal Element, Fetal Decay, Extremely Rotten, Saturnine, Warthrone, God Cries, Cranial Decay, Indefilade, Dead Centre, Nakhiel, Flesh Reaper, Putrefaction, The Dead Cold, Derogatory, and many more.

As far as live performance, Jim has toured USA, Europe, South America and still plays live with various acts. As far as writing and material, he is an extremely prolific composer with over 1,000 songs available on various digital platforms as well as over 20 solo albums in various genres spanning: metal, classical, country, jazz, misc instrumentals and beats, etc…

He has produced and/or engineered various local bands albums; mapping, tracking, editing, mixing/mastering; as support for up-and-coming, as well as established bands in the underground scene. He's dabbled in film music as well, featuring music for the Durden Godfrey movie “Black Matter Tomithy” credited in IMDB with the song “Oozing Substratum”.




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