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Jim Gant is a former Green Beret who had been compared with Lawrence of Arabia, for his ability to learn Afghanistan's culture and languages.[1]


  1. Elliot Hannon (2014-06-25). "Green Beret Kicked Out of Army for Alcohol, Pills, and Secretly Living with His Wife in Afghanistan". Slate magazine. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2014/06/green-beret-jim-gants-fall-from-grace-in-afghanistan.html. Retrieved 2018-12-28. "ABC News has an extensive interview with Gant and a deep dive into the how Gant went from being considered an innovative, if unconventional leader in the fight against the Taliban—referred to as “Lawrence of Afghanistan”—to being thought of within military circles as a Kurtz-like character, who broke rules, got too close to local villagers, and even had a secret wife living with him in the dangerous Kunar Province."