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Jessica Watkins
Born 1982 (age 38–39)

Jessica Watkins is an owner of a bar, and veteran of the US Armed Forces, who faced charges over her involvement in the attempt by supporters of disgraced former President Donald Trump to overthrow the US Government.[1]

Watkins gave an interview with the Ohio State Journal on January 13, 2021.[2] In that interview she acknowledged that she was the leader of her local militia chapter, and that she had driven to Washington DC with other members of her militia in response to Trump's request for supporters to appear to support him. She acknowledged she lead her group to break into the US Capitol building, but denied that she or any member of her group had stolen anything, or committed any actual vandalism. She acknowledged that she was a member of the Oath Keepers.

Watkins would claim she should not be jailed, but should be given home-confinement, because she is a transgender individual.[3]

In an affadavit Watkins filed in February 2021 she claimed that her group had been aided by members of the United States Secret Service.[3][4]


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