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Jeremy Sicotte
Native name Jeremy Sicotte
Born 06 April 1989
Nationality American
Occupation Documentary Film Maker and Director of Photography
Known for Films

Early Life

Jeremy Sicotte (J.J. Sicotte) was born in Colchester, Vermont. Sicotte played in numerous local bands which garnered success in the early days of myspace, winning multiple contests including the VH1 Battle of the Bands School of Rock Contest. Sicotte began touring nationally with his band at 15 and performed showcases for major record labels. Eventually, Sicotte would attend Berklee College of Music to study Contemporary Writing and Production. Sicotte was the co-writer and contributor of The Boys and Girls Club of America song.

Jeremy Sicotte worked as an assistant engineer at Henson Studios in Hollywood, California. He performed at Alternative Press’s EMO stage in 2008 at South by Southwest.

Jeremy Sicotte has appeared in music videos for songs that include “Victoria” by Eve 6 and “Family Tradition” by Senses FailSicotte’s band played alongside My Chemical Romance on their first out-of-state show.


Sicotte worked on various projects for Travel Channel, A&E Network, Discovery Channel, and The Science Channel. His breakthrough was on 2017’s cult film Above Majestic and 2018’s “The Cosmic Secret” - both films debuting at #1 on Amazon and iTunes.

He prides himself on telling unique stories that feature diverse people and perspectives—often focusing on ways of uniting communities around common goals.


Sicotte cites producers Jerry Finn and Eric Valentine for wanting to pursue a career in audio engineering, specifically Finn’s work on the Blink 182 records and Valentine’s work on Smash Mouth’s Astro Lounge and Queens of the stone age's “Songs For The Deaf” as his main sonic influences.

Jeremy Sicotte attributes his turning point from music to film after seeing David Gelb's Jiro Dreams of Sushi” and decided to transition from post-production audio into producing films of his own.

Charity Work

Sicotte has focused much of his philanthropic efforts on teaching filmmaking to inner-city youth. Additionally, he has raised money for various inner city-focused nonprofits by donating free commercial work to their fundraising causes, including work with Stars and Strikes Charity.

Personal Life

Sicotte splits his time between the Midwest and the West Coast


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