Jennifer Pedroza

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Jennifer Pedroza
Born 1970 (age 50–51)
Nationality USA
Occupation publisher, writer
Known for sued to recover her share of the royalties to a lucrative book contract

Jennifer Pedroza is an American teacher, publisher and author.[1][2]

In 2009 Pedroza, a teacher, with three partners, founded The Writer’s Coffee Shop, a website that originally published fan fiction.[2][3] It published EL James Fifty Shades of Grey, and its two sequels - books which were phenomenally successful. Based on their success Pedroza retired from teaching, in 2011.[1]

In Fifty Shades of Black and White: Anatomy of the Lawsuit behind a Publishing Phenomenon Pedroza, and her lawyer, Mike Farris, describe the successful lawsuit she files against Amanda Hayward, one of her former partners, after the rights to the book were sold to the large publisher Random House.[1] According to Pedroza's suit the four partners who founded the small publishing firm had only a verbal agreement with one another. When the rights were sold one of her former partners kept the entire $40 million Random House paid for herself. During the lawsuit it was established that Hayward, without informing her partners, converted the website into a business owned solely by her.[2] During the lawsuit Pedroza's co-ownership was confirmed through early tax records which named her as a partner.

Pedroza's suit was successful, and she was awarded $11.5 million.[1] Hayward was also ordered to pay Pedroza $1.7 million, to cover her legal fees.[4]


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