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Jean Mouret
Jean Mouret
Born 1994-06-05
Nationality Mexico
Other names Explorer
Occupation Digital Marketing Strategist
Known for Social Media Figure

Jean Mouret is a 28 year old digital marketing strategist, content creator, travel expert, and social media figure born in Mexico City in 1994.. Artistically known as "Explorer" on social platforms, he uses his online presence as a channel to communicate important matters of the world while devoting his efforts to drive more social media figures into using their digital platforms in ways to contribute selflessly to society and detaching themselves from the stigma that surrounds being an online figure. While Jean's "Explorer" persona is focused towards inspiring people to travel and explore more of the world, he is widely known as a social media strategist focused mostly on Instagram as a career-building platform for upcoming artists, photographers, and content creators.


Along with his travels and personal life, Jean uses @explorer on his Instagram presence to spread help mainly towards dog rescue and adoption charities & organizations. Jean has played a key role in social media to bring influencers and celebrities together to dedicate much of their image to philanthropy and altruistic situations to benefit those in need.

Jean has been interviewed on countless news and media, including TV appearances with Enrique Lazcano on Channel 14, on a television show that aired alongside fellow entrepreneur Ophelia Pastrana. Jean has also been featured in many podcasts where he discusses the importance of influencers in the communication space, where he also asks other public figures to use their online image for the greater good.

Explorer also did an emergency live appearance at CBC News Canada where he was interviewed in 2017. He did live news coverage as a local reporter for the famous Canadian TV station's foothold in Mexico.

Jean is also famous for a documentary on Mexico's devastating earthquake in 2017, created in partnership with fellow videographer Fer Van Vazquez. The video gathered over half a million views and it was aired around the world in multiple news channels in countries such as USA, Canada, Uruguay, Spain, France, and more.

Jean is also known for appearing in China TV stations in Beijing in 2017. He was taken to China to explore the country's capital and its surroundings, while being invited to talk in front of an audience of travel representatives and tour agencies on his recommendations to increase incoming international traffic and attracting foreign audiences.

In 2018, Jean was invited by María Barracuda (Mexican artist & singer) and his colleague Fer Van Vazquez, to produce a documentary in Guadalajara on finding new artistic talents in people from rural areas and homeless shelters across Mexico. While parts of the documentary were shot and produced, the documentary was never completed.

Musical background

Jean's artistic career runs deep in the family. His 8th-great-grandfather, French composer, Jean-Joseph Mouret, a baroque representative to the renaissance era, was a musician and leading figure at King Louis XIV of France's personal Court. Much like his ancestor, Jean's artistic career started in music. In 2006, he received his first music lessons by his uncle Jorge Cedeño, a local musician from Mexico City, who would teach him the values of playing electric guitar. Afterwards, Jean's parents gifted him a Stratocaster guitar, which he would play for multiple hours every day. Later on, he would be gifted his first acoustic (classical) guitar. In 2009, Jean applied to study an Undergraduate's Degree at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música in Mexico City as a classical guitar performer. Jean attended university for two years until he decided to purse a more specific career in electric guitar.

In pursuing a career in modern musicla instruments, Jean's family moved to the United States. While living in Houston in 2012, Jean got accepted at Berklee College of Music (Boston) as an Undergraduate in electric guitar performance. He passed an admission test by performing and showing his musical skills, and his enrollment into the renowned university was immediately accepted. However, he never attended, as tuition fees were too expensive for his family to cover, so Jean got forced to forfeit his placement at Berklee.

After some moments of uncertainty and a personal breakdown, in 2013 Jean opted tomake some career changes.

Public speaking and sociology studies

After carefully deciding what to major on, Jean picked up an interest in languages and in 2013 he enrolled at LoneStar College CyFair as an undergraduate to study sociology and human behavior. Attesting for his inherited multicultural background and French being his third language (after English and Spanish), he set on learning more languages and picking up on philology to better understand language use and creation. Jean was fascinated by the human mind and societies, and he quickly learned about logic, psychology, and behavioral patterns while attending college.

During this year, Instagram was starting to pick up as a trend. At some point, Jean was told by college peers that he should not hold back and refrain from jumping into Instagram as a form of socialization.

Beginnings of his social media influence

Jean decided to ditch his college studies and instead pursue a career as a travel photographer. In 2015, Jean sold much of his music gear and bought a one-way flight to Madrid, Spain. He would then tour the country and explore its surroundings for months at a time and upload his content to Instagram, while returning home to the United States only to see his family and plan further ahead his future travels while taking small breaks from exploring. Jean would sustain himself by teaching languages online while traveling the world. He would also give in-person language lessons during his off seasons in Houston, Texas.

In 2016, he moved to Russia in a move to prove himself as a true explorer in foreign lands. He attended a local college and pursued a career in engineering by day, while continuing to study social arts and languages by night. He devoted his spare time to further comprehend human interactions by using Instagram as a platform for analyzing user behavior. It was during this period of time that he started gaining traction on Instagram, which further helped him prove the connection between human behavior and psychological patterns that would lead him to get more fascinated in marketing and technology. He wrote a course called "The Art & Science of Instagram" which focused on his findings about social media applications in real life. This course would be the trend setter in all social media aspects, and it would help him get international recognition as one of the first leading Instagram analysts and social media experts in the world.

The Explorer era

In late 2016, Jean rebranded his former Instagram profile into what is currently @Explorer. Jean's Instagram career started paying off and skyrocketed towards millions of impressions per week. After moving out of Russia he settled in Berlin, Germany. He would continue pursuing his language and social science studies while further growing his Instagram profile. He then founded "Trending", a short-lived cofounded digital marketing agencies, which would land him additional clients in the social media space. This would help Jean continue developing his skills as a prominent marketer while working remotely and traveling in order to maintain his Explorer profile. This went on and he managed to travel to over 30 countries within the next years.

Jean ended up returning to his homeland Mexico after a while in order to get a temporary break from travel and rest from the tiresome activities that involve moving between apartments and hotels every week. It was in September of 2017 after returning to Mexico that a deadly earthquake hit the nation, and Jean found himself using his social media to spread awareness about the damages and helping with donations and relief towards affected areas. This eye-opening catastrophe taught Jean the values of being a responsible public figure that he would later preach about in an effort to get more influential people to use their reach for good deeds.

Travel photography years

After having his social media and digital marketing business take off in the last 3 years, Jean decided to formalize his photography career in order to improve his content quality. In 2018, Jean moved briefly into Lofoten, Norway to specialize in night photography. Being in Norway helped him put into practice his studies, and he particularly enjoyed shooting aurora borealis (Northern Lights) and the Milky Way. Jean found a new passion in travel photography as a landscape photographer, specializing in natural aspects while traveling and exploring. He pursued to practice more photography and post his content on Explorer while moving between countries in Europe. Finally, he decided it was time to go and settle back in Mexico, his birthplace, and start capturing content from his beloved country.

In 2019, Jean's work and photography were well received in the local and international media. He participated in multiple photography contests for NatGeo, DJI, Sony, and local competitions in Mexico and international competitions across the globe. In 2020, some of Jean's work was featured at KPRC Local 2 News Houston for his travel & nature photographs in the United States.

Northern Lights photo by Jean Mouret. Lofoten, 2018

In May of 2019, and after amassing such knowledge in content creation and social media performance, his career in the travel industry would lead him to working alongside local tourism boards and travel companies in Mexico, Scotland, China, France, Germany, United States, Norway, Spain, and many other countries. Explorer then peaked to higher levels and it would start getting the attention from more brands and tourism boards that would approach him for social media consulting and content creation.

Non-profit work

During the influencer era that exploded in 2019, Jean started noticing how badly social media figures are regarded as, and how little attention influencers would give towards charity work (despite their huge influence and income). In July of 2019, Jean adopted two rescued puppies from the streets in Mexico and started launching campaigns for animal adoption and advocating for dogs' rights across the entire world. The same would occur with covid-19, since Jean used his social media to spread news, inform people, and entertain audiences that were appalled by the worldwide breakdown. Jean would also explore helping other animal associations for endangered species as a measure to help sanctuaries and rescue centers in their cause.


In 2023, Jean dedicates his time to giving lectures on social media use, the responsibilities of being a travel influencer in the online space, and shooting content around the world for clients. Throughout his Instagram and social media channels, Jean has also used his audience to bring awareness on disaster relief. He has published content to encourage people to raise consciousness on major earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires, volcano eruptions, and deforestation around the world. In an effort to decrease footprint and raise awareness on efficient travels, Jean has also started multiple campaigns on plastic pollution and combating single plastic use, while working with eco-friendly hotels on building sustainable businesses.

His personal favorite is dedicating his time to help dogs. He has worked with dozens of non-profits, charities, rescue centers, animal hospitals, adoption events, and organizations aiding stray and abandoned dogs across the world. His work isn't limited to dogs, as he spends time raising awareness on endangered species all around the globe. He has helped develop awareness towards dogs alongside his brother, international photographer Pako Makareno, who pioneered in Mexico as a pet photographer creating consciousness on the strong bonds between dogs and their families.

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